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Above, the Treadmark building—2.0— as seen on Dorchester Avenue on... Read more

A few stray thoughts while waiting for the impeachment hearings to start…

• The field of candidates for Suffolk County DA is pretty damn impressive. Several former prosecutors are in the mix, including a Dorchester lawmaker — Evandro Carvalho—... Read more

A controversial plan to build a four-story condo complex with first-floor retail space along Washington Street in Lower Mills will be delayed for at least a few months after a city board ruled last week that the three existing properties on the site... Read more

The Boston Red Sox, who have initiated a public process to change the name of Yawkey Way, are getting plenty of push back from prominent apologists for the late Red Sox owner... Read more

Is building an aerial gondola over the streets of Boston’s Seaport district a good idea? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

But, whatever its merits or shortfalls, we hope that Boston’s political, business, and media leaders will slow their roll on... Read more

Traffic in and around Dorchester ground to a halt for hours at a time over the last week as Morrissey Boulevard’s chronic and worsening propensity to flood during extreme high tides and stormy weather triggered massive congestion.

There’s only... Read more

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A video showing portions of a verbal confrontation between a white Boston Police officer and a black pedestrian on Charles... Read more

For some 70 years, members of the Hynes family gave Dorchester cachet in the worlds of politics and the media.

In 1947, then Boston City Clerk John B. Hynes, a Dorchester resident, became acting mayor when the legendary James Michael Curley was... Read more

A Sunday afternoon message on the official Boston Police Department Twitter page sparked a quick-moving controversy and subsequent apologies from city brass this week. The episode should also prompt the public to ask a fundamental question about the... Read more

Mayor Walsh and his team opened a new front in the city’s campaign to build more housing for the rapidly growing population of Boston— and it’s one that could directly impact Dorchester in the coming years.

The administration announced last... Read more

A bill sponsored by Dorchester state Rep. Evandro Carvalho that would amend state law to prevent the self-inflicted death of a prisoner from vacating that person’s conviction was the subject of an emotional hearing on Beacon Hill this week.

... Read more

The city of Boston is preparing to open a new front in the widening offensive against the scourge of opioid addiction and overdoses. Mayor Martin Walsh said this week that he will invite attorneys and public health experts to respond to a Request for... Read more

The spiral of the current White House administration into the deepest depths of awfulness continued apace last week. The latest abomination, as bravely related by US Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois: the president’s expletive-laced rejection of people from... Read more

A campaign to create a permanent, public monument in Boston to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. appears to be gaining momentum. A committee led by business leader Paul English and Rev. Liz Walker and backed by the Walsh administration intends to raise... Read more

This week marks the end of an era at the Reporter. Clark Booth, whose must-read weekly sports column has been a fixture in this paper since the mid-1980s, filed his final scheduled dispatch... Read more