How to make a reporter's job easier

Other mayoral candidates, take note: Your fellow contender Kevin McCrea is hitting the bars at 9 p.m. over the next nine nights to talk to residents about his campaign. "Each evening after the regular Mayoral forums, house parties, and community forums Kevin will stop by a local bar in every corner of the City and answer questions from anyone who would like to know where he stands on an issue, or to hear citizens ideas for making Boston a better place," the McCrea campaign says in a release.

He'll be hitting the Ashmont Grill and the Blarney Stone in Dorchester next week. Tonight he will be at Slades in Roxbury. Election night he plans to be at Wally's on Mass. Ave.

Here is the full list of bars. All times are at 9 p.m.:

Tuesday on Sept. 15
Slades Bar and Grill
958 Tremont St.

Wednesday on Sept. 16
Warren Tavern
2 Pleasant St

Thursday on Sept. 17
3484 Washington St

Friday on Sept. 18
Green Briar Restaurant
308 Washington Street

Saturday on Sept. 19
The Blarney Stone
1509 Dorchester Ave

Sunday on Sept. 20
Ashmont Grill
55 Talbot Ave

Monday on Sept. 21
77 Charles St

Tuesday on Sept. 22 (Election night)
427 Massachusetts Ave