Revealed: McCrea's plan to win the prelim

Flattery got mayoral hopeful Kevin McCrea nowhere Monday night.

Asked by NECN talk show host Jim Braude how he planned to win the preliminary election on Sept. 22, the South End businessman quipped, “I go on Jim Braude’s radio show, I go on your TV station.”

“Well, and I like that…this is a piece of the action,” Braude responded. “But the preliminary is approaching quite rapidly. And so it’s not just the battle of ideas; obviously it’s a battle of who gets in at least the top two to make it into the final. What do you do to make that happen? I’m serious.”

McCrea said he had been door-knocking and sending out fliers. “I do hear it from people, from all over the city. They’re ready for change,” he said. “They haven’t necessarily said ‘I want Kevin McCrea’ yet, but they do want change.”

The interview is here. Braude is interviewing each of the mayoral candidates this week.

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