(UPDATED) Vietnamese interpreter booted after allegedly promoting Flaherty

A Vietnamese-interpreting poll worker at the Kit Clark Apartments was removed from the polling location this morning after the person was accused of encouraging voters to pull the lever for City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty. A Menino supporter, who saw the incident but declined to identify himself to the Reporter, was at the scene and said the poll worker, upon being ejected, tossed his "inspector" badge at him before leaving. The Menino supporter then showed the Reporter the badge. A Menino campaign spokesman said that since the worker, who had been at the Catherine Clark Apartments at 915 Dorchester Ave., had been removed by city elections officials, there was no need for a legal challenge. The apartments serve as a polling place for Ward 13’s Precincts 7 and 8. A Flaherty campaign official dismissed any connection between the worker and their campaign, saying in reference to the Menino campaign, "If anybody’s doing anything out there, it’s them."

Originally we had heard from a Menino campaign attorney that the person was a "she." The Menino supporter who was at the scene of the incident says it was in fact a "he," actually. We're following the lead of the Herald and withholding the name until we do some more follow-up.