When the holiday itself is a gift

Bunker Hill Day, one of two Suffolk County holidays now under fire, is the gift that keeps on giving. To us reporters, at least.

Witness Mayor Thomas Menino. (Should the mayoral debates, whenever they get scheduled, include a history portion, Jeopardy-style?) And state Sen. Jack Hart’s, well, apparent change of heart. And the Herald sending out reporters to track pols, including state Rep. Brian Wallace, to find out what they’re doing on the so-called “hack holiday,” and, perhaps, to see if any of them were going to a racetrack.

(Follow-up question: What is Rep. Wallace doing wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap?)

If you haven’t had enough, don’t worry. The debate will likely flair up again: When the House and Senate voted on the issue, it was through a Republican-sponsored amendment tacked onto the state budget. Sen. Richard Tisei (R-Wakefield) has filed a bill doing away with the holidays and tells reporters he’s been gaining support. Gov. Deval Patrick says he'll sign it if it reaches his desk.