Yoon waters the Netroots at Daily Kos

Sam Yoon took his message to the Daily Kos yesterday, starting off his new diary blog there with a plea for support from the strongly progressive netroots community. He hit all his main stump points, but the real meat of this endeavor was the time Yoon spent answering questions and statements posed to him by the Daily Kos commenters.

On Somerville, a dig to Menino and a comment that caused a DKer to rescind his support for Yoon:

“What I appreciate about Somervile (relative to my own city) is that you have a mayor who championed and implemented 311, has a modern approach to delivering city services, and recognizes the value that creative people and communities bring to his city's life. “

On public Wifi:
“Boston needs a mayor who not only appreciates the role of technology but also uses it himself! we've had a lot of false starts and facades but it's time to get real about wiring Boston for all.”

Odd metaphors:
“Boston's roadways, public transit, bike unfriendliness, are an antiquated plate of spaghetti.”

On his opponents:
“Michael and I see our jobs in completely different ways.”

“Kevin McRea - South End businessman, gadfly. I'm glad he's in the race because he adds... color... and he has sharp critiques for all of us. That's not necessarily bad.”