In fundraising appeal, Arroyo camp hits back at coverage

City Councillor At-Large Felix Arroyo's re-election campaign is hitting back at their coverage of him and the City Council's boycott of Arizona, saying he is "under attack from the right wing media."

In a fundraising appeal emailed to supporters late Thursday, Patrick Keaney, Arroyo's campaign manager wrote, "Their goal is obvious: stop Felix's momentum right now so that he does not win re-election in 2011."

Keaney added: "But even his detractors are forced to admit that Felix is a man of his word - the headline in yesterday's Boston Herald says it all: 'Felix Arroyo praised for conviction.'"

The email comes days after Arroyo made the front page of the Herald, defending the boycott. An earlier edition, before he had called the paper back, had Arroyo's face on a milk carton, since the paper said he had been ducking them for days.

The email sought to highlight Arroyo's first six months on the council, and put the Arizona boycott, which Kearney called the state's "attempt to legalize racial profiling," third on the list, after helping get 1,000 additional summer jobs for youth and helping settle the firefighters arbitration award.

Arroyo has also been advocating for keeping open four branch libraries which are slated for closure, along with several other councillors.

"We must make sure Councilor Arroyo has the resources to respond to these attacks," Keaney wrote.

He added: "Taking stands like the ones he has taken carries political risk, especially for a freshman legislator. But we all know that risk doesn't enter the equation when Felix faces a tough decision. He fights for us, unequivocally. Now, we have to stand with him."