Text of Jackson speech at March 26 swearing-in

The following is the text of Tito Jackson's speech, as prepared for delivery, at his swearing-in at Hibernian Hall on Saturday, March 26, 2010.

Thank you. Thank you. Mr. Mayor, Congressman Capuano, President Murphy, fellow councillors and all the other elected and appointed officials in the room. I appreciate your presence here today.

To the residents of District 7 and others from around the City of Boston, my heartfelt thanks for your continued support. And to my campaign team I will always be indebted to you for your commitment and dedication. Finally, I want to thank my mother Rosa Jackson. I would not be at this point in my life without your love and support. Mom, would you please stand and be acknowledged by the crowd. And to my late father Herbert Kwaku Zulu Jackson.

We come together in this historic hall as the narrators of our collective future. Today, we write a new chapter. In the story our lives, the stories of our neighborhoods and the story of this city. To make this story great, we need to work together.

As your councillor, I will focus my energy on helping residents find good-paying jobs and supporting economic development.

The best way to attract these types of jobs and new businesses is the revitalization of Dudley Square, beginning with the Ferdinand Building. I look forward to working with Mayor Menino in the coming months to ensure that construction begins and that the residents from the neighborhoods I represent get an opportunity to work on that construction site. The Ferdinand is just the first step, though.

We need to promote local entrepreneurship opportunities. This is the true economic engine of local growth.

We need a combination of companies moving in and local businesses growing. I said early in the campaign and I still contend, a revitalized District 7 means a stronger and better Boston.

As a candidate, I visited many schools in District 7 and listened to many parents and students. I understand their hopes and dreams. These conversations affirm my commitment to lifelong learning and the need to close the achievement gap. As a city, we need to invest and focus more on early childhood education. This is the foundation for their academic success and excellence.

That's why I’ve proposed a Roxbury Reads program. Literacy is a key component in the learning process. Roxbury Reads is an initiative that aims to level the playing field. I am hopeful that all of you will join me in this effort to promote literacy and life-long learning. Our children are our future and I will do everything I can to make sure they succeed.

You know two months ago, I stood here and announced my candidacy for District 7 City Council. Today, I stand here as your District 7 city councillor. It is a dream come true and an honor to be District 7's voice at city hall. I am eager to work with the mayor, my fellow Councillors, and most importantly all of you to help this District reach its full potential, which means Boston reaches its full potential.

Good jobs and world-class schools are part of a New Boston where we acknowledge our individual pasts while looking towards a shared future. A New Boston, where we talk not only about our problems, but our promise. A new Boston where Roxbury is a cultural and economic destination. I am eager to start working towards this vision, which I laid out two months ago.

Let’s write the story of a District 7 filled with the bright lights of new businesses, safer streets and world class schools. That is our common cause and I know together we will make it happen.

Thank You, thank you and God Bless!