At Dorchester's Cedar Grove Gardens, a cat-and-mouse game between Warren and Republicans

Election cycles aren’t good for just campaign professionals and television stations. Bakers get a slice of the money pie as well. Or, rather, a slice of the cake.

Earlier this year, at the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s headquarters on Summer St., chairman John Walsh and others gathered around a cake to mark the sixth anniversary of former Gov. Mitt Romney signing the state’s health care reform law. The event was meant to embarrass Romney, since the law served as a template for the national health care law that is widely despised by conservatives.

Anti-Warren Cake : GOPers were foiled in their attempt to corner the candidate at Cedar Grove Gardens. Photo by Gintautas DumciusAnti-Warren Cake : GOPers were foiled in their attempt to corner the candidate at Cedar Grove Gardens. Photo by Gintautas DumciusOn Monday in Dorchester, Republicans had their own anniversary cake: A year since the start of “Occupy” protests, which Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for Senate, expressed support for in an interview last year.

A pair of young GOPers held the sheet cake on one side of the fence, while inside Cedar Grove Gardens, Warren, a Cambridge Democrat and Harvard professor, announced the “Small Businesses for Elizabeth” group.

A wide-eyed Republican tracker frantically dashed back and forth along the side of the wrought iron fence, holding his camera aloft in an attempt to record the event.

“Elizabeth Warren, we have a cake for ya,” one cake-holder yelled as the press conference was breaking up. “Professor!”

Warren eventually headed inside Cedar Grove Gardens for an interview with Bloomberg TV.

The cake-holders and the tracker waited outside one entrance. When the car waiting for Warren moved to another entrance, they dutifully and carefully shuffled over there, joined by several reporters and cameramen.

The absurd cat-and-mouse game continued, as Warren staffers paced around the gardens and the young Republicans attempted to figure out which entrance Warren would use to leave – on Adams St. or Milton St.

Warren ended up slipping into her car on Milton St., with the Republicans too slow to catch up and deliver the cake, which featured a picture of Occupy protestors and carried a Happy Birthday wish, “To the Matriarch of Mayhem.”

One Republican came over to Richard O’Mara, owner of Cedar Grove Gardens, and asked why she didn’t want the cake.

“Maybe,” O’Mara said, “she’s on a diet.”