Rep. Henriquez responds to allegations through emailed statement

The statement, released through an email from a Democratic campaign consultant is available below in its entirety.

Statement From Representative Carlos Henriquez:

I want to thank all my family, friends, colleagues and particularly the community I am privileged to represent who have expressed their support, love, understanding and best wishes during this confusing and upsetting course of events.
I have been accused of some serious charges, these allegations are completely untrue.
I was raised by a strong mother and also raised with a younger sister both of whom I respect and love deeply. My father, Julio Henriquez, who recently passed was a track coach and mentor to hundreds of young women from this community and I have dedicated myself to protecting women, not abusing or assaulting them. Putting my hands on a woman is contradictory to my upbringing and my own morals.

As both a community activist prior to getting elected and as an elected official I have spoken with hundreds of youth and adults about the problem of violence against women. I have worked tirelessly with multiple agencies and organizations who champion against the issue of domestic violence. It is a mission I am committed to in my personal and public life.

Currently, this matter is in the hands of the court and I am confident that when this process has run its course I will be vindicated of all charges. This matter will be tried in the court and not in the media or in the court of public opinion. I can assure my supporters and critics alike that I am innocent of these charges. I will follow the advice of my attorney and not provide any details of this incident, other than to say and reaffirm I am innocent.

I will continue to work and serve the people of my district as I was elected to do. This incident is unfortunate and embarrassing, but I will not shirk my duties or hide.

I ask that you remain patient and keep me and my family in your prayers. I ask that you respect all parties involved and show supportive by helping to serve our community. I trust that this incident will soon be behind us all and we can continue to serve and deliver for the constituents, the residents of the 5th Suffolk District.