Somebody call a Waahmbulance for former state Rep. Bunte

When someone blows the whistle, or new information comes to light, there are often two types of people in the crowd paying attention to the ensuing mess: Those who call for more information and transparency, and those who want to find out who leaked what.

Former state Rep. Doris Bunte is among the latter.

The Boston Globe this morning provided an update on the problems plaguing Roxbury Community College.

Doris Bunte, a former state legislator who helped secure funding for the college, told board members that they need to respond to the reports and find out who is leaking material to the press.

“A responsibility is to find out who those people are and take care of them," Bunte said.

Talk about priorities: The feds are auditing the school she helped fund, and her response is find out who is talking to the media.