Dorchester business owners took stock of a sunny weather forecast and hurried to prepare for an influx of customers to outdoor dining areas as Phase 2 of reopening the state’s economy continued this week. One standout so far is the Banshee in Savin Hill... Read more
Led by City Councillor at-Large Julia Mejia, some 370 city residents joined an online forum last Thursday night to discuss solutions to the onslaught of illegal fireworks being shot off in Boston neighborhoods. Dubbed “Fireworks Trauma,” the event... Read more
The Boston Police Department last week said it would update its use of force policies to comport with calls for reform made by protesters in Boston and across the country. Known as “8 Can’t Wait,” the reforms focus on reducing the amount and type of force... Read more
Many people who hear calls to “defund” or “abolish” the police may have the impression that these are demands to eliminate law enforcement altogether.  That is incorrect. The intent is to reinvent law enforcement in a new institutional framework that... Read more
A piece of mail addressed to me that arrived a couple of weeks ago bore a return address from something called the “Money Network Cardholder Services.” It looked like one of the typical junk credit card offers that come in the mail with some frequency. I... Read more
Family and friends helped Alan Duffy celebrate his 80th birthday with a surprise drive-by salute at his new home in Norwood on Sun., June 7. The long-time Dorchester resident and his wife Camilla moved over the winter to their new home to be closer to... Read more
New, temporary parking restrictions are going into place on Thursday in Savin Hill in response to neighbors’ complaints about overcrowding, partying, and fireworks along two nearby beaches and McConnell Park. The new measures include clearly striped... Read more
Members of the College Bound Dorchester staff were joined by supporters from local unions on Tuesday morning outside the Little House on East Cottage Street as they hosted a rally decrying what they say is a pattern of “racism” and “disrespect” they have... Read more
The Boston City Council on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution in support of state legislation aimed at removing tear gas, rubber bullets, attack dogs and other weapons “not even used in war” from state and local police departments. The legislation... Read more
Four candidates for the 12th Suffolk House seat had the floor during a virtual meeting of about 65 people during the Lower Mills Civic Association membership on Tuesday evening. The candidates, two women and two men, all Democrats, will compete to decide... Read more
Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester will host the New England Women's Leadership Awards (NEWLA) tonight at 6:00 p.m. in a virtual live stream format that will be available on BGCD's website and social media pages. The annual award show celebrates women and... Read more
The continuing killings of black men by police officers in the United States and the national and world-wide protests against these crimes have spurred demands for changes in policing policies and practices that vary from a range of incremental police... Read more
As a girl growing up in Roxbury and Dorchester, I never aspired to represent my community at the State House. Politicians didn’t look like me. They didn’t come from where I came from, and they sure as heck didn’t seem to put the needs of my family front... Read more
Last Saturday, at an open-air, interfaith “Mass for Racial Justice” service on Castle Island hosted by Gate of Heaven parish, priests from Catholic parishes in the city, faith leaders from different denominations, and elected officials heard Cardinal Sean... Read more
The MBTA will shut down a portion of Red Line train service at the southern tip of the Braintree branch for two straight weeks starting later this month as part of the agency’s efforts to use a period of low ridership amid the pandemic as an opportunity... Read more
Bike owner responds to looting with novel move For months, Noah Hicks was forced to turn away customers hoping to get their bikes fixed at his shop, Spokehouse, in Uphams Corner. After closing for the coronavirus, he planned to reopen on June 1. The night... Read more
Declaring racism a public health emergency in the city of Boston, Mayor Martin Walsh last Friday signed an executive order outlining the transfer of $3 million from Boston Police overtime budget to the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). He said that... Read more
Federal agents on Monday began rounding up alleged members of the Norton/Olney/Barry Gang, whom they accuse of being a full-service gang that, when not busy shooting rivals, dealing drugs, pimping women and robbing people at gunpoint, made lots of rap... Read more
There has been a lot of talk about the danger of COVID-19 transmission at the hundreds of large demonstrations, marches, and protests over the last few weeks, but the state has no way of knowing whether or how much the virus has spread at those events. To... Read more
Four candidates for the 12th Suffolk House seat will have the floor during a virtual meeting of the Lower Mills Civic Association membership on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Cameron Charbonnier, Stephanie Everett, Jovan Lacet, and Brandy Fluker-Oakley were invited... Read more


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