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Mayor Kim Janey announced today that $50 million in rent relief— much of it made possible by an infusion of federal aide just released by the Biden administration— will be made available for eligible Boston residents starting immediately. “The reality is... Read more
Boston City Councillor and mayoral candidate Andrea Campbell released on Monday a “Restaurant Recovery Plan,” a detailed blueprint laying out a vision for how Boston can better support and revitalize its restaurant industry, which has been devastated by... Read more
More than half of the new COVID-19 cases logged in Boston in the past two weeks have been in people age 29 and younger, acting Mayor Kim Janey said Friday, urging people to keep washing their hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance, avoiding large... Read more
Carla Monteiro, a social worker and Dorchester native, announces her candidacy for at-large city council on Saturday afternoon at the Blarney Stone in Fields Corner. Monteiro, 38, described herself as a first-generation Cape Verdean, a single mom and a... Read more
Three Dorchester restaurants were temporarily shut down within the past three months by City of Boston officials for failing to comply with state health code regulations. Although such events are not that frequent, the reality is that many restaurants in... Read more
In this edited excerpt from his campaign trail ebook “This Way to City Hall,” published after the 2013 mayoral race, former Reporter news editor Gintautas Dumcius describes the campaign’s last days as the two finalists faced off in November after clearing... Read more
Marty Walsh served as Boston’s mayor for a little more than seven years, a time that unfolded mainly as a dashboard of growth and inclusion, with units of progress, stasis, or lost ground. But in a less granular future, he will be judged more as the mayor... Read more
The board of the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association (CSHCA) sent the following letter to elected and appointed officials on March 22. Excerpts of the letter follow: We have actively supported many proposed development projects, actively opposed many,... Read more
There were awkward unintentional pauses that are par for the course with technology-assisted communications. And during Joe Biden’s brief pre-recorded remarks at Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast by Zoom, the host, state Sen. Nick Collins, clipped the... Read more
Said the teachers: ‘We wanted to open … be safe … and to have the kids back’ During a year in which the majority of Dorchester’s children have attended school through a computer screen, Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy has offered in-person learning... Read more
Rep. Edward Coppinger has thrown his weight behind Rep. Jon Santiago’s mayoral campaign. “Jon Santiago is the next leader Boston needs to lead us through this urgent moment,” Coppinger said in a statement provided by the campaign. “His unique background... Read more
Kim Janey, Boston’s first Black and first female mayor, was sworn into office during a ceremony on Wednesday inside Boston City Hall. “Today is a new day,” Janey said after being sworn-in by Chief Justice Kimberly Budd. “I stand before you as the first... Read more
Boston ranks in the top ten cities in the United States when it comes to income inequity. The most cited example is the 2015 Federal Reserve Bank study of assets by race that showed white Bostonian households had a median net worth of $247,500 while the... Read more
Until Monday night, every mayor of the city of Boston — all 54 of them— has been white and male. At 9:01 p.m., a Black woman raised in Roxbury became the first of her gender and race to lead our city. Kim Janey, elected to the city council in 2018 and... Read more
Proposed view from across Morrissey Boulevard
The Zoning Board of Appeal on Tuesday approved a developer's plans to replace the Freeport Tavern on Morrissey Boulevard with 219 apartments - some 110 of them studios. "That's a very large number of studios," board Chairwoman Christine Araujo said,... Read more
Five members of a Dominican drug ring used a Dorchester bodega and a Hyde Park restaurant o conduct their fentanyl and cocaine business, the proceeds of which they funneled back to their Mexican suppliers and people in the Dominican Republic through a... Read more
Marty Walsh has been building relationships for 25 years in and around elected office. He understands the value of leadership and communication more than any elected official I have ever met. And he genuinely cares about you, the individual. You could... Read more
A majority of United States Senators voted 68-29 to confirm the nomination of Mayor Martin Walsh as the US Secretary of Labor this afternoon. Among those who voted for Walsh from the GOP ranks were Sen. Mitt Romney, Sen. Susan Collins and Sen.Lindsay... Read more
Marty Walsh is undefeated when his name has appeared on ballots in Boston. By our count he’s 22-0. Not too shabby. But there’s an asterisk involved: He did, technically, come in third in his inaugural election day effort. Confused? Well, buckle up. A... Read more
What should Americans expect from their new Secretary of Labor? Funny you should ask. The Dorchester Reporter has been writing about, observing, and scrutinizing Mayor Martin Walsh— now US Secretary of Labor Martin Walsh— since 1996, when the 29-year-old... Read more


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