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A $330-million spending bill Gov. Deval Patrick signed this week includes $350,000 for the cash-strapped Boston Public Library system, which had faced the prospect of branch closures last year. Library officials cited fiscal constraints and a desire to... Read more
One bright spot on the new year Dorchester art scene is the continuing emergence of a multi-use arts space in Fields Corner, one that shares a name with a major European airline. Lufthansa Studios at 100 Gibson St. is the new communal exhibition and... Read more
The gridlock that seems to have enveloped Washington D.C. in the two years since Barack Obama was elected has come to define the country in this first decade of the 21st century. Such ephemeral nonsense as demands for the president’s birth certificate,... Read more
(The Reporter first published this column by co-founder Mary Casey Forry in 1987. Mrs. Forry passed away in 2004, but her Urban Gardener stories live on.) Thursday, January 1, 1987 Dear Diary: What an exhilarating day! So much fun doing things for the... Read more
Over time, the Urban College of Boston (UCB) filled a special niche in the higher education community through its success in providing non-traditional students from Boston’s neighborhoods with affordable education and skills-training to improve their... Read more
Denney Center News The Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester’s Denney Center Unit, located in the Harbor Point section, is planning a busy schedule of activities for the month of January. Some of these special events include: the start of the Martin Luther... Read more
Plugging away in the relative anonymity to which the game has become bitterly accustomed is another hockey season. It deserves much better, of course. But hockey people don’t whine. Doubtless you will be amazed to learn that the National Hockey League’s... Read more
The word that Vince Droser of Barrington Road had died Tuesday morning was news that stunned and saddened a large swath of neighbors all across Dorchester and Mattapan. Our neighborhood has lost a wonderful friend and a great human asset. Vince was the... Read more
Michael Flaherty:: Will he make an attempt to return to City Hall in '11? Locally, as politics-dominated years go, 2010 is unlikely to get topped anytime soon. A Republican from Massachusetts was elected to the U.S. Senate, and the nation sent dozens more... Read more
Transportation officials will begin a series of meetings this week aimed at gathering input on transit needs of Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury. Three “kick-off” meetings will be held this month, with the first set for this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the... Read more
As the city struggles to contain a dramatic spike in gun violence, 18 handguns bought through an illegal straw purchase in Georgia in 2009 are believed to have wound up on the streets of Boston. So far two of the 18 handguns have been recovered by Boston... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports a man in his 20s was shot at 614 Blue Hill Ave. around 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday. He was brought to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Police did not immediately identify him. Anybody with information can... Read more
A fire that raced through a three-story, two-family home at 5 Page St. late Tuesday afternoon left nine people without a home. The Boston Fire Department says a short circuit on the first floor caused the fire, which resulted in an estimated $400,000 in... Read more
Vince Droser: Key figure in revitalization of Ashmont area died on January 4 after suffering an apparent heart attack. He was 55 years old. Reporter file photo. Vince Droser, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental in the revitalization of the... Read more
Leo Lydon memorial clock on Savin Hill Ave.Workers installed an impressive new time-piece on Savin Hill Avenue this morning: a clock named in memory of the late Leo Lydon, a lifelong Dorchester resident and judge who was a well-admired civic activist and... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports the residents of 251 Boston St. were forced out of their apartments this morning by a 60-gallon heating-oil spill Sunday morning. They will have to find other places to live until the spill is cleaned up, police say.
Four children were injured Saturday afternoon when porches collapsed while they were building a snowman at 21 Crowell St. The Boston Fire Department reports two 11-year-old girls, a 10-year-old boy and a 7-year-old boy were on the third-floor porch when... Read more
Second Church of DorchesterNorfolk Street is a busy thoroughfare that winds its way from Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Square to Codman Square. As the neighborhoods it traverses have changed to dramatic effect over the last century, numerous churches of... Read more
TurnerAs promised, ex-city Councilor Chuck Turner has filed a federal lawsuit demanding he be allowed back into the City Council chambers. In his suit, co-filed Thursday with several constituents in US District Court in Boston, Turner charges his Dec. 1... Read more
Mourning toddler: The grandmother of Amanihotp Smith,2, held up photos of the little boy at Morningstar Baptist Church. Photo by Adam Gaffin/Universal Hub 2010 left a bloody legacy in Dorchester and Mattapan— low-lighted by the Sept. 28 massacre on... Read more


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