The cost to replace all outdated equipment and infrastructure across the MBTA system with modern alternatives is about $2.8 billion more than the previous state-of-good-repair price estimate, officials said this week. In 2015, the cost of addressing the... Read more
As Boston Police districts in Dorchester and South Boston begin training with new body cameras, efforts to address spikes in violence and the resulting long-term trauma are ongoing at the city and local level. City Council President Andrea Campbell is... Read more
An online lottery system will replace the current “first-come, first-served” enrollment protocol for the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) program. The plan, which was approved on April 30 by the state’s Education Department, will... Read more
The statewide non-profit organization Massachusetts Preservation presented the Dorchester Historical Society (DHS) with an award last week for its restoration of the William Clapp and Lemuel Clap houses, a process that began in 2015 and was completed last... Read more
The Vănguard Retrospective Exhibition, currently on display at the Dorchester Art Project, is what co-founder and Fields Corner resident Khanh “Aiden” Nguyen considers to be “the epicenter of queer Vietnamese art.” Nguyen, who was born in Vietnam but... Read more
While every one of the 147 cities and towns that make up Greater Boston has seen a spike in residents of color over the last generation, a new report uncovered certain population shifts within Boston neighborhoods that likely mirror the routes that... Read more
City Councillor Frank Baker lent a hand to members of the Dorchester Park Association and representatives of the Armenia Tree Project in a tree-planting ceremony Tuesday morning in Dorchester Park. The event commemorated the 25th anniversary of the... Read more
Dr. Sherry Penney, who led UMass Boston as its longest-serving chancellor from 1988-2000, died last Friday alongside her 88-year-old husband in what is believed to have been an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in their Florida home. She was 81. Dr.... Read more
It’s a cornucopia of vintage dishware, eclectic clothing, trinkets, and furniture, and wooden skis laid out across a lawn. People wander up and down the hills of the neighborhood’s streets with paintings tucked beneath their arms and books in hand as the... Read more
MBTA officials remained tight-lipped this week about the exact reasons for an expected delay in the rollout of an all-electronic fare collection system that T officials initially planned to have in place by 2021. General Manager Steve Poftak told the... Read more
The state’s $1 million investment toward finding a way to prevent ticks from spreading Lyme disease is paying off, a UMass Medical School researcher said last week, and an additional investment could move an antibody proven in labs to protect mice against... Read more
Some Massachusetts community health centers are “essentially one snowstorm away from having challenges making payroll,” an expert on the industry’s finances said during a State House hearing last Wednesday. Leaders from community health centers seeking... Read more
Mayor Martin Walsh, state Rep. Dan Cullinane, and state Sen. Nick Collins were on hand Tuesday morning adjacent to The Boston Home to celebrate the opening of Harmon Apartments, an $18.7 million development that will provide 36 fully accessible mixed-... Read more
Her approach: ‘Being out, and very present, to learn’ The newly selected superintendent of the Boston Public Schools, Brenda Cassellius, plans to be ready to dive deep into the community when she takes over the 54,000-student district on July 1. And... Read more
Milton native and Dorchester resident Marianne Hughes met her late husband, Patrick Hughes, just one week before the first Walk for Hunger through Quincy on Sun., June 8, 1969 where she and Patrick, then a Paulist priest and the founder of the event,... Read more
While overall state spending has increased substantially and maintenance costs have grown due to inflation, the annual state allotment for local road repairs has remained $200 million for six out of the past seven years. As a result, cities and towns... Read more
In Mayor Martin Walsh’s new capital plan for large investments by the city of Boston, at least 10 percent of spending will go toward prepping parks and infrastructure for the effects of climate change. The city’s resilience initiatives are wrapped in the... Read more
About 80 people packed a DotHealth meeting room last Wednesday evening as officials from the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) shared the agency’s draft plan for Glover’s Corner. While community members reviewed the plans, members from the... Read more
A change at the Massachusetts Lottery means some winners now won’t have to travel quite as far to collect their windfall. Effective Thurs., May 9, players will be able to claim prizes between $50,000 and $100,000 at the Lottery’s regional offices in... Read more
Ten organizations in communities across the state with some of the highest rates of gun violence will share a state outlay of more than $8 million as part of an effort to prevent and reduce gun violence and other violent crime among youth and young adults... Read more


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