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A Boston organization that helps homeowners, primarily in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury, who in or near foreclosure keep their homes was commended by one of the most influential voices in American banking: Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke... Read more
The longtime director of Mattapan’s ABCD Family Service Center resigned earlier this month, leaving a vacancy that the organization is filling with experienced staff from other neighborhoods. Lille Searcy, a Mattapan resident credited with initiating many... Read more
“May shall make the orchards bloom; And the blossoms’ fine perfume Shall set all the honeybees Murmuring among the trees.” “May” by Frank Dempster Sherman I have already seen bees outside our home. There is also a mosquito inside our house... Read more
Annual Women’s Leadership Awards Dinner Last Thursday, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester hosted over 400 club members and guests at the 19th Annual New England Women’s Leadership Awards Dinner at the World Trade Center. We congratulate the following... Read more
Sharina Byrd describes her ordeal. It was near the end of another routine run for an MBTA driver just settling into her route. But then, out of nowhere, a large man grabbed Sharina Byrd's neck with one hand and took control of the 86 bus's steering wheel... Read more
State officials warn a cyberbreach may have let somebody collect personal data on people receiving Massachusetts unemployment benefits. In a statement on Tuesday, the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development said, "EOLWD learned yesterday... Read more
Senate President Therese Murray on Tuesday confirmed that the Senate budget proposal due to be released on Wednesday will include a version of municipal health care reform, but declined to offer details. Speaking to the Retired Educators Association of... Read more
Vandals trashed library's outdoor reading areaAn outdoor reading room at the Adams Street branch library was vandalized overnight. Someone upended several benches-- pulling them out from their anchors -- dumped trash barrels and trampled plantings.... Read more
Lee School dumping: The scene last week after someone dumped trash outside the Lee School, which had just been cleaned by volunteers. Parents and faculty at the Lee Academy were shocked to discover a truckload of debris dumped behind the recently-cleaned... Read more
The Boston Police Department report arresting a local teen on charges he shot another teen to death on the platform of the Savin Hill Red Line station this past Saturday. Police say Nhu Nguyen, 19, fled to Portland, Maine, where he was arrested last night... Read more
Four men were shot around 7 p.m. on Thursday outside Camilo Liquors III, 522 River St. Police had to call for reinforcements for crowd control as officers investigated the shooting.
Congratulations to our colleagues at the Boston Haitian Reporter, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary today with the Boston Haitian Honors awards luncheon at the Boston Seaport Hotel. The event kicks off a long weekend of events to mark Haitian... Read more
Doherty Family: The Doherty family of Flavia Street includes seven brothers and sisters: Brendan, 19, who is serving in the Army in Afghanistan, James, 14, Jillian, 25, Kerri, 11, Katie, 24, Joanna, 11, and Brian, 21, who is also serving in Afghanistan... Read more
Saturday’s fatal shooting at the Savin Hill MBTA station is drawing attention to a nearby six-family building that has been the subject of many past complaints from neighbors. The victim, who was rushed to Boston Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his... Read more
UMass Boston officials, student representatives, and local neighbors gathered at the university’s scenic Campus Center ballroom Saturday to brainstorm ideas about the future of the campus and its impact on the city. Attempting to answer the question of... Read more
Bike Week riders cruise through Fields Corner last May. Photo courtesy Dot Bike With summer fast approaching, Dorchester cyclists and bicycle advocacy groups are greasing their chains in preparation for Boston Bike Week. Historically, potholes, narrow... Read more
EDITOR'S NOTE: Michael Christopher said on Thursday, after the Reporter went to press, that he will be bowing out of the race in order to focus on his job at the Executive Office of Public Safety. Below is the original article. Savin Hill native Michael... Read more
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley came to Dorchester on Tuesday to distribute proceeds from the settlement of a civil rights investigation that have been directed to four Boston-based educational organizations. Speaking at the Freedom House in... Read more
A Hyde Park construction firm must pay Dorchester’s First Baptist Church $288,295 in damages after a Suffolk Superior Court jury issued a verdict in the church’s favor this week. The owners of the church, located at the corner of Adams and Ashmont Streets... Read more
For Dot resident and nurse Debbie Thornton, instead of throwing a party for her 50th birthday she has been inspired to gift others, by spending 11 days volunteering at a hospital in Haiti. When the earthquake devastated the country last year, Thornton,... Read more


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