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With the city battling perpetually increasing health care costs and getting less aid from the state, Mayor Thomas Menino yesterday unveiled a $2.4 billion spending plan for fiscal 2012 that pulls 30 staffers out of 5 community centers and cuts 169 full-... Read more
Cities and towns would receive the unilateral authority to raise health care co-payments and deductibles for their workers, and Gov. Deval Patrick’s signature life science tax credit program would be capped under a $30.45 billion annual spending plan... Read more
A massive public works project that will impact Lower Mills for the rest of the year will start on Monday, according to officials with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). Crews will begin by digging a ventilation shaft near the... Read more
An alleged gunman briefly managed to evade police Monday afternoon by removing all his clothes, but officers caught up with him after witnesses told them they'd just seen a naked guy running down the street. JosephAccording to a Boston Police report,... Read more
Click for larger.The Boston Police Department says a man arrested Friday is responsible for a series of armed holdups of gas stations and convenience stores in Dorchester, Mattapan and Medford - with a replica firearm. Michael Gomes, 35, was arrested... Read more
A Revere man admitted yesterday he helped kill a man who was outside talking with some friends one May night two years ago, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Abiona Sharpe, 21, was sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder... Read more
A memorial statue in Cedar Grove Cemetery recalls the leadership and sacrifice of Captain Benjamin Stone, one of more than 1,300 Dorchester men who fought for the Union cause in the Civil War. Stone was killed in action during the Second Battle of Bull... Read more
A rash of armed robberies of convenience stores — including three in Dorchester’s C-11 police district in recent days—prompted Boston Police to issue a public alert this week. Based on surveillance images, investigators believe that the same man is... Read more
Claire Hughes, right, and friend at last year’s Cookoff won by Lower Mills Civic. The competition will be hot, spicy and wide open for this weekend’s fifth annual Dorchester Chili Cookoff— a fundraiser for the Dorchester Day Parade. The event will be... Read more
He’s been spotted at local events, shaking hands and saying hello, sparking rumors that he intends to run against an incumbent. Craig Galvin, a local real estate agent, has been working rooms, including Mayor Thomas Menino’s breakfast at the IBEW Hall on... Read more
The Boston Redevelopment Authority – or BRA – announced last Thursday that it will provide customized 2010 Census maps to those who disagree with the way it drew neighborhood boundaries or want a specially-tailored breakdown of the city. “While the... Read more
Kroc Center: Major William Bode of the Salvation Army, Mayor Tom Menino, John Hamill of Sovereign Bank and Linda Wendfeldt, Joan Kroc’s daughter, enjoy Saturday’s ribbon-cutting of the Kroc Community Center on Dudley Street, Dorchester. Photo courtesy... Read more
Behind a wrought-iron fence and a stone gateway in Uphams Corner sits Dorchester North Burial Ground, dotted with headstones dating back centuries, most of them unreadable after decades upon decades of wear from the elements. The life stories behind the... Read more
“When April comes, the world so wise and old. Will half forget that it is worn and grey. Winter will seem but as a tale long told... Its bitter winds with all its frost and cold Will be the by-gone things of yesterday, When April Comes!” “When April... Read more
Marr-lin Swim Team Competes in Regional Championship The Marr-lin Swim Team hit the road last month to compete in the regional championship meet held in White River Junction, VT. The members of the team who met attendance and sportsmanship requirements... Read more
Observers were impressed by how little emotion the Bruins demonstrated when they clinched “first spot,” as they call it. After grinding through the hellacious NHL regular season by crisscrossing North America through the length of winter, emerging in the... Read more
Sheila Fuentes, a Savin Hill resident and mother of four, died in a car accident early Saturday morning. She was 39. Shortly before 2:30 a.m., Fuentes was driving along Washington and School streets near Algonquin Square with her sister, Wendy. A small to... Read more
Since its inception in 2008, the Dorchester Symphony Orchestra has made strides to open the neighborhood’s ears to classical music. Its home venue is the Parish of All Saints where violinist Annie Chen from the New England Conservatory will join the... Read more
Dot Rats not welcome: Paul Shea with the remains of his porch, which he partly dismantled in an attempt to rid his property of rats. Photo by Alex Owens The ‘Dot Rat’ is the unofficial mascot of the neighborhood for people of a certain generation. Rodents... Read more
It’s going to be dirty, dusty and noisy. That was the message from UMass Boston officials on Tuesday night as they laid out plans for the Columbia Point campus’s coming construction boom days before a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Kennedy Institute on... Read more


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