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Since 1990, Juana Rodriguez has taken into her own home- and been a foster mom to- 75 children. She has cared for some of the most troubled children and young adults in the Department of Social Services's (DSS) Boston region, and turned many of them... Read more
An announcement by the state's Commissioner of Insurance this week that she intends to change the way that auto insurance rates are set in Massachusetts has sparked concern among lawmakers and some in the industry who believe that urban drivers will be... Read more
Neighborhood concerns and confusion over which Boston Police District has jurisdiction in Codman Square have led activists to ask Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis to look at relocating the district boundary between B-3 and C-11. The request,... Read more
Dr. Carlos Carpena, who died April 21 at the age of 67, will be remembered by his family, friends, patients, colleagues, and students, as a man of great compassion, expertise, and humility. He was "caring, truly interested in his patients and their... Read more
The City Council was scheduled to consider a home rule petition on Wednesday that would eliminate a preliminary at-large City Council election scheduled for this September and allow all nine candidates who have filed the requisite signatures to compete... Read more
Tavolo. It means "table" in Italian, and early next year it will also be the name of a new eatery in Peabody Square. The restaurant, tentatively scheduled for opening in Jan. 2008, will occupy a portion of the first floor of The Carruth Building, a mixed-... Read more
The Salvation Army met last week with some of the city's leading business executives in an attempt to gather the necessary money they need before they break the ground on a $105 million community center project on Dudley Street. The proposed Ray and Joan... Read more
Corcoran Jennison Companies hosted the first public meeting for residents last week to discuss plans to redevelop nearly 30 acres of land on Columbia Point into a mixed-use retail and residential project that could represent a $1 billion investment. The... Read more
Saying he would be a city councillor committed to "big ideas," John Connolly officially announced his candidacy for council at-large in Dorchester on Tuesday night at Florian Hall. It was the fifth such neighborhood-specific campaign kick-off that he has... Read more
In conversation, Bryan McPherson is soft-spoken and understated, even a bit reserved. Give him a guitar, a mic and a stage - or a few tiles of MBTA platform - and he's a house afire. The 30 year-old singer-songwriter &endash; whose latest CD project... Read more
The death earlier this month of a lifelong Lower Mills resident has incensed neighbors there who see a clear connection between the incident and what they say is an increase in intimidating juvenile delinquency. Michael Hansbury, 41, left his home on... Read more
William M. Bulger, the former president of UMass and the Massachusetts State Senate, will bring his potent rolodex and fundraising prowess to Dorchester this summer, joining Caritas Carney Hospital as a Senior Advisor to the hospital's foundation. The... Read more
Dorchester Park consists of 26 acres in the heart of the city's largest neighborhood. For many that green space is an oasis, a respite from the thundering concrete of busy roads and the rumbling of trains. It's cooler in these hot summer months than a... Read more
It doesn't look like much now, but for the 83,000 people in the Boston area without a regular source for food, the nearly three-acre gravel lot baking under the summer sun along I-93 is long overdue. The South Bay site will support the Greater Boston Food... Read more
It was June 19, 1865 when Union General Gordon Granger went into Galveston, Texas and freed the last of the African-Americans being held illegally as slaves. It had been two years since Abraham Lincoln read the Emancipation Proclamation, and two months... Read more
"It's now 20 years ago," says Dorothy Byrnes McCormack from her home at 38 Lonsdale Street, "but some nights I hear the faraway sound of an approaching airplane and my mind flinches and brings back the memories. It's funny that way; my husband doesn't... Read more
Rosemary Dowling, 79, left, and her daughter Rosemary McCarthy both took degrees from Harvard University last week, marking the first time in the university's long history that a mother and daughter graduated on the same day. Photo: Jeffry Pike/Harvard... Read more
The man charged with leading Dorchester's largest non-profit social service provider into a new era of stability and growth has a Masters degree in business from Yale, served in the Peace Corps in Thailand and spent a good chunk of his childhood in India... Read more
Thursday may be Flag Day, but it is on Friday that the flag will fly again over Edward Everett Square. Stricken down last summer in the middle of a violent thunderstorm, the old wooden flag pole has been teetering precariously for almost a full year. But... Read more
With construction on the Fields Corner MBTA station nearing completion, city officials took the time Tuesday night in Fields Corner to discuss with the community some newly proposed plans for the streets and areas around the station. The new plans,... Read more


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