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The Boston Police Department reports the arrest of Lavonrence Perkins, 20, for the shooting death of Cordell McAfee on May 10. Police say Perkins had been hiding out in Providence, and was arrested with the help of Rhode Island State Police and the US... Read more
Andre Junior Lamerique, 26, was sentenced to five years in federal prison on Tuesday for his part in an effort to wring more than $10 million out of lenders in bogus transactions on properties across Boston, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.... Read more
Gov. Deval Patrick on Tuesday pressed for an increase in the state's retirement age and a change to the way state pensions are calculated on Tuesday as he rolled out the next phase of pension reform he called necessary to ensure that the state's pension... Read more
A Dorchester man started screaming at two gay women coming out of a market and was attempting to beat them with his cane when police arrived on the scene Wednesday evening, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Henry L. Alexander, 41, was... Read more
The Boston Public Health Commission voted today to require annual licensing and regular inspections of the city's nail salons - many of them in Dorchester. The new regulation is meant to reduce the odds of customers catching bacterial and fungal... Read more
After a 20-day delay, low-income families who recently ran out of fuel assistance benefits will receive sorely-needed energy assistance funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF)... Read more
Late civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. would be turning 82 years old this month and celebrations will take place around the city on Jan. 15 to 17 to commemorate the reverend’s life, with events ranging from spoken word performances to... Read more
According to data recently released by the United States Census Bureau, Boston’s Haitian community has not grown in the past decade and immigration from the Caribbean is in decline. However, local experts question whether these numbers should be taken at... Read more
In an interview with the Boston Haitian Reporter a day before he was sworn into his second term, Gov. Deval Patrick reiterated his campaign pledge to help come up with a comprehensive dwelling strategy for Haitians displaced by last January’s earthquake.... Read more
Margaret ‘Mae’ Lewis isn’t phased by much – not even the fact that she’s more than a century old. The former Dorchester resident said celebrating 103 birthdays is not as hard as it sounds. “It’s easy,” she said. “Just live.”Margaret ‘Mae’ Lewis: “She’s... Read more
This was the account from the Boston Globe, of the words of the gentleman from Hyde Park to the reelected speaker of the House, Robert DeLeo, and his team of lawmakers: “Shield them, as much as possible, from the outside world. … This institution is being... Read more
A recent police chase of four gang members through residential streets and yards off Freeport Street and Morrissey Boulevard could soon be factored into a challenge of a ballot law that has reduced penalties for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana.... Read more
An initiative launched last summer by Boston Police, in cooperation with other city and state agencies, was meant to reduce levels of gun violence in the new year by concentrating intense enforcement and social service outreach on a list of 240 of the... Read more
The globe-trotting foodie Anthony Bourdain filmed a segment of his popular “No Reservations” series at Dorchester’s own Greenhills Bakery last Friday morning. Bourdain and a companion settled in for more than two hours at one of the eatery’s cozy tables... Read more
Bill WalczakBill Walczak, who built the Codman Square Health Center from a volunteer operation in the basement of an empty library building and then turned it into one of the state’s most successful health centers, will leave Codman Square next month to... Read more
UPDATE 10:50 a.m. Wednesday— Mayor Thomas Menino's office issued a statement this hour telling city residents to "stay indoors throughout the duration of the snow event, as the storm continues to bring heavy, wet snow and high winds into Boston." The... Read more
He entered on the crutches to the theme of “Rocky” and ended with a quippy admonishment to the audience to “get your cars off the street” ahead of the incoming snowstorm. And in between, Mayor Thomas Menino, recovering from knee surgery, reviewed the past... Read more
The Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday it is fed up with a Dorchester man who keeps filing lawsuits and appeals against judges, court clerks, prosecutors, police and his own lawyer. The court took the unusual step of ordering court clerks to refuse to... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports officers had to use pepper spray to control an unruly mob of people caught breaking into the cafeteria at Carney Hospital Sunday night. Police say security guards at the hospital requested police around 9:15 p.m. when... Read more
A chase through residential streets and yards off Freeport Street and Morrissey Boulevard Saturday night ended with police shooting one of four men after he allegedly pointed an assault rifle at officers. The man shot by police, Marvin Veiga, 21, of... Read more


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