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The following are quick looks at three of Dorchester’s veterans posts that were gathered and written Katie Zigelman, an undergraduate student in the Northeastern University School of Journalism. John P. McKeon AMVETS Post 146 – This well-known post is... Read more
It would be a tragic mistake to miss “The Comedy of Errors,” now running at Boston University’s Huntington Theatre through June 19. Propeller, Britain’s high-energy, all-male Shakespeare company, is currently visiting Boston for the first time, presenting... Read more
I’m begging anyone in these parts with green bloodlines to please put down the “tea.” Every time anyone in or around Boston, or the rest of Massachusetts, imbibes the Tea Party brew, a historical fog envelops him or her. The lessons of the past... Read more
Walter Apperwhite: Activist and coach, has been named the new coordinator for Dorchester and Mattapan (District 4) by the Mayor’s Office. The Mayor’s office has appointed a new coordinator for Mattapan and parts of Dorchester: Walter Apperwhite, 41, is a... Read more
Nzeribe McKenzie, 33, of Cambridge, was ordered held in lieu of $7,500 bail today at his arraignment on charges he embezzled $750,000 from the Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center, which serves some of the city's poorest residents, the Suffolk County... Read more
A memorial stone to Naval Corpsman Joseph F. Keenan sits in a corner of his boyhood playground, Wainwright/Cronin Park. Just outside the park to the right of the photograph, yards from his home, is Marine Pfc. Allen H. MacQuarrie Square. Photo... Read more
Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade is expected to tie up traffic as it heads to a Wednesday morning event at the JFK Library. According to UMass Boston, the campus’s University Drive will be shut down around 11:30 a.m. at Morrissey Blvd until the... Read more
Ayanna Woodhouse, 26, of Wellesley admitted beating the other woman, then six months pregnant, on April 10, 2010, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Prosecutors say the two - who knew each other through the child's father - got into an... Read more
Care Package Drive for TroopsThe RBI players volunteered at the Leahy~Holloran Commuinity Center during the care pack drive last Saturday — which was Armed Forces Day. The kids sent 16 packages to eight young men for a total of 128 boxes. At the end of... Read more
Eugene Sutton, 46, will be arraigned today in Suffolk Superior Court on charges he stabbed Richard Gleason to death in a crack den on School Street on May 16, 1989. Boston Police cold-case investigators took up Gleason's case in 2009 and spent two years... Read more
Eighteen schools in Dorchester and Mattapan could see fewer dollars headed their way in the coming fiscal year as the city switches over to a new funding formula aimed at more accurate, predictable, and equitable budgeting. The School Committee... Read more
Long-time Dorchester resident and former state representative James T. Brett has been named chairman of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, a panel on which he has served for almost a decade. Brett, who is the president... Read more
As the police confirmed that a troubled Savin Hill property was not directly linked to the gunman who recently killed a teen at the nearby MBTA station, they and local elected officials met with around 300 neighbors to update residents on the... Read more
Elnora Thompson’s green thumb has been a God-send for the Nightingale Community Garden, Dorchester’s largest. When the Nightingale Community Garden opens for the season next month, the 125 plots, orchard, shed and gazebo won’t be the only staples there.... Read more
The make-up of the District 3 race to replace City Councillor Maureen Feeney is hewing to Mark Twain’s maxim about New England weather: If you don’t like it, wait a few minutes. Some 48 hours after jumping in, Savin Hill’s Michael Christopher jumped out,... Read more
A Boston organization that helps homeowners, primarily in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury, who in or near foreclosure keep their homes was commended by one of the most influential voices in American banking: Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke... Read more
The longtime director of Mattapan’s ABCD Family Service Center resigned earlier this month, leaving a vacancy that the organization is filling with experienced staff from other neighborhoods. Lille Searcy, a Mattapan resident credited with initiating many... Read more
“May shall make the orchards bloom; And the blossoms’ fine perfume Shall set all the honeybees Murmuring among the trees.” “May” by Frank Dempster Sherman I have already seen bees outside our home. There is also a mosquito inside our house... Read more
Annual Women’s Leadership Awards Dinner Last Thursday, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester hosted over 400 club members and guests at the 19th Annual New England Women’s Leadership Awards Dinner at the World Trade Center. We congratulate the following... Read more
Sharina Byrd describes her ordeal. It was near the end of another routine run for an MBTA driver just settling into her route. But then, out of nowhere, a large man grabbed Sharina Byrd's neck with one hand and took control of the 86 bus's steering wheel... Read more


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