Part of revitalizing the hub of the Uphams Corner village will involve creating a sparkling new branch library, with a twist. City planners are putting the final touches on a plan that will call for housing to be built above the facility. Through a... Read more
In April 1865, Dorchester’s Town Meeting took up an important civic measure - “to procure…a Corporate Seal of the town.” Many modern residents of Dorchester are familiar with that seal, which is emblazoned with the words “Dorchester 1630” and the Latin... Read more
This July will mark the 50th year of the Boston Neighborhood Basketball League (BNBL), the oldest municipal basketball league in the country and a summertime fixture for families across the city. Charlie Conners, a Dorchester native and the city’s Parks... Read more
Tracking an odyssey from war-torn Vietnam to a busy, family-owned shop in Savin Hill As customers stream through the busy Vietnamese sandwich shop and market on Dorchester Avenue in Savin Hill, maybe a lucky four of them might be able to snag a seat. It... Read more
A new report from the Pioneer Institute, set to be released Thursday, places the blame for UMass Boston’s budget woes on University of Massachusetts leadership, asserting that irresponsible spending approvals triggered the crisis that led to J. Keith... Read more
Traffic delays expected near campus UMass Boston’s commencement ceremonies on Thursday and Friday of this week will mark a return to the Dorchester campus after several years of being held off-site due to construction on its Columbia Point grounds. It... Read more
Leave it to Dorchester's most storied and iconic ice cream shop to come up with the perfect frozen salute to Boston's Stanley Cup-bound icemen. The Ice Creamsmith on Dot Ave in Lower Mills will start dishing out "Black and Gold" this weekend, just in time... Read more
A 33 year-old Dorchester man has been taken into custody for allegedly destroying property and vandalizing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Morrissey Boulevard on Thursday. The man— who has not been named— was sent to a Boston hospital for mental health... Read more
This article first appeared on WBUR 90.9FM on May 23. For some of the seventh graders from the Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy Charter Public School in Dorchester, last Thursday was their first time inside the Museum of Fine Arts. The field trip was a... Read more
A vandal or vandals have once again hit a Dorchester Vietnam veterans memorial on Morrissey Boulevard. State Police were on scene at the memorial site on Thursday afternoon. The site had just been beautified and new plantings put in ahead of Monday's... Read more
Angelie McGrath, left, and Jha'Niyla Tinker were crowned Young Miss Dorchester and Little Miss Dorchester respectively last Saturday during an event held at First Parish Dorchester. The contest— organized by City Councillor Annissa Essaibi-George and her... Read more
A signing ceremony and panel discussion was held at UMass Boston on Monday to mark a $1 million donation to the Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy from Robert and Diane Hildreth, who were honored for their... Read more
More than 1,000 kite and bike enthusiasts turned out for the 50th Kite and Bike Festival at Franklin Park last Saturday. Hosted by the Franklin Park Coalition and Hot 96.9 Boston, the popular event drew families from all over the state to the park to... Read more
The former Bayside Expo Center is now a wide expanse of parking lot on Columbia Point, but the towering three-legged sign that once welcomed people to the facility still stands due in part to an ongoing property dispute that has held up potential... Read more
Fifty-seven-year old Brenda Lee Keller died last Thursday at a bend where Fottler and Hiawatha roads meet in Mattapan. Neighbors say she tripped before she was hit by a passing car, but Boston Police say it was not an accident but a vehicular homicide,... Read more
This article was first published by WBUR 90.9FM on May 15. The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) is planning to institute a new way to address displacement throughout the region — a move officials say could help break up the concentration of the more than 10... Read more
At one point after he left his hometown of La Ceiba, Honduras, and before he offered the class student speaker remarks on the graduation podium at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) this month, Regis Lino-Kelly went to the movies and felt a... Read more
Members of the Steward Health Choice MassHealth accountable care organization plan will now be able to get free care from doulas during pregnancy and childbirth. A doula, according to Steward, is a trained, non-clinical professional who provides... Read more
This month will offer a fitting commemoration of a tragic chapter in the annals of the Boston Irish. A blessing and dedication for the Great Hunger Memorial will be held on Deer Island on the 25th “in memory of the Irish souls who, in hope of avoiding... Read more
Two arts showcases will take place this Saturday at the Strand Theatre in Uphams Corner. The first, Inner City Circle’s “An Intergenerational Show of Boston-based Artists,” will feature the work of 16 visual artists from Dorchester, Roxbury, and elsewhere... Read more


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