What could have been better accessories to the perfect Super Bowl Sunday than a fine Irish lager and a pu pu platter for two? Ask almost any guy in New England, and they'll agree hands down on the stellar combination. Ask Jimmy Young, co-owner of Chan O'... Read more
Just as the die-hardest of die-hard sports fans in the state of Massachusetts were feeling down on themselves after the Red Sox lost, the New England Patriots came to save the sports year. Beginning on October 5 with an 8-point win over the Tennessee... Read more
Marty Walsh was going fishing, right there in the basement of St. Brendan's. He baited the hook with budget cuts and cast for a bite with a line about "controversial issues." He waited, eyeing the crowd of mostly middle-aged and elderly, socially... Read more
An alleged Adams Corner carjacking led to a wild chase Monday night, with Boston police pursuing and shooting a suspect before apprehending him at the corner of Savin Hill Avenue and Dorchester Avenue. Police say Michael Gavin, a 22-year-old Quincy man... Read more
(Second in a two-part series published in November 2003) Nervous users of Ashmont Station crowded the basement of All Saints Church shortly before 6:30 p.m. on October 8. Two large and life-altering questions would be answered that night. The first was... Read more
Carney Hospital has been a Dorchester landmark for so long, it is hard to believe that it has not been located on Dorchester Avenue forever. In fact, Carney made its home in Dorchester 50 years ago as of December first. Carney was originally located in... Read more
From November 20, 2003 Chris Stanley held a cardboard cup of coffee and skirted a rusted Camry as it pulled into the parking lot. Stanley looked across the intersection and counted the telephone poles, traffic light poles, and street signs blocking his... Read more
The new behemoth along the Boulevard has met with hearty welcomes and grumpy bah-humbugs, leaving both the commercial fraternity and prospective shoppers unsure just what to think about the suddenly-crowded parking lot out front of National Wholesale... Read more
A victorious Charles Yancey: Left, celebrates his election night win with fellow councillor Chuck Turner at the Unity Sports and Cultural Center. Against one wall of the Unity Sports and Cultural Club in Codman Square, a radio sat on a table beneath one... Read more
The battle lines were drawn early, and Felix Arroyo could see them and read them. Hours after he was sworn in as the first Latino city councillor in Boston's history, he voted for Maura Hennigan for the council presidency. Later, he would tell the... Read more
The dives are everywhere. City ordinance demands they can't be smoke-filled anymore, and the FBI would have you believe that all the hoods and wiseguys are gone, but the rest of the markings are there. The kind of place where you're not sure what's been... Read more
This article originally appeared on page 2 of the Oct. 2, 2003 edition of the Reporter. Reporter's Notebook by Bill Forry To: City Council Candidates Re: Your Campaign's Sorry Fate Dear Council hopeful (state your name): You all know from reading the... Read more
Some 26 years after a group of Haitian volunteers and American parishioners teamed up to teach English to newcomers in the convent of St. Leo's parish, the Haitian Multi-Service Center (HMSC) is poised to enter a dramatic new phase of life, with a state-... Read more
After 20 years of delay, disappointment and more delay, the fate of the sprawling Boston State Hospital campus - a linchpin property that straddles the the borders of Dorchester, Mattapan, Jamaica Plain and Hyde Park - is now in the hands of a committee... Read more
In California, folks can't make up their mind whether they want to vote or not. At issue - along with child actors, bodybuilders, and adult film stars - is whether or not all the state's voters are voting under the same conditions. The Ninth Circuit... Read more
Alleging unfair business practices they say could prove ruinous for New England's largest convention, exhibition, and hotel complex, Bayside Expo owners are going public with complaints that the still-in-construction Boston Convention and Exposition... Read more
This summer, as many Bostonians headed to the beach to soak up the rays, one Dorchester native packed his bags with cycling gear and ventured off to Ireland. In July, Paul Andrews flew to Dublin and spent two weeks as part of a 16-member Massachusetts... Read more
In the pantheon of "I came among you and you took me in" moments, it wasn't quite on a par with "Ich bin ein Berliner," President John F. Kennedy's words of camaraderie to a receptive West Berlin crowd in 1963. But when Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams... Read more
"All you gotta do out here is care! Just care!" Mark Hall throws his big arms up and he looks like someone whose words should be heeded. But Hall is the "good cop," not the one feared by campers and aspiring hoopsters at Hoops for Hopes, in session this... Read more
A man wanted for a July Fourth shooting at Carson Beach that left a Dorchester teenager dead and two other men wounded remains at large this week. The suspect, Hoang "Henry" Tran, 26, is from Malden, but has deep roots in Dorchester, where he runs a busy... Read more


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