Virginie Auguste was surprised to see me. And, honestly, I was kind of unsure of why I was at her door. It was ten days or so into summer vacation and I missed my St. Gregory’s grammar school classmates, Pierre and his older brother Richard. I didn’t have... Read more
Social distancing. Face covering. Six feet apart at concerts and restaurants. Fan-less sporting events. Everything will look different once the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Our New Normal. Many of the temporary restrictions and recommendations that... Read more
“The war overshadows all our days and our lives, but we go about doing things in the normal way in so far as possible.” Sound familiar? It was Jan. 12, 1943; the war was with Axis powers, not COVID-19; and the words are from my late mother’s diary about... Read more
When I was growing up, Mother’s Day in my house was akin to being a holy day. All of us gathered for a festive meal (prepared by my dad), gift-giving, and just enjoying the company of one another. It was a delightful time to celebrate our love for our... Read more
My gray hair has grown out to a length not seen since I was in my teens, and I’ve gotten used to the appellations for my grandfather status. But I never really felt old until the coronavirus. Being placed in a category that carries a serious risk of... Read more
Faithful patrons of the Banshee rejoiced over the weekend when the beloved Dorchester Ave. fixture announced on social media that it would be reopening for takeout and delivery on May 6. After shuttering in accordance with Governor Charlie Baker’s orders... Read more
She was the matriarch and died first; he didn’t wait that long to join her Cynthia Johnson and her husband Clasford were married for nearly six decades. On Saturday, they were buried together in a joint funeral at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Dorchester, their... Read more
Humanity wasn’t ready for this, our country wasn’t ready for this, our neighbors weren’t ready for this, and we as individuals were not ready for this. The coronavirus pandemic has created a world that is surreal. Nobody is ever prepared to deal with the... Read more
Key indicators about the COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts have for the first time moved in an encouraging direction for several days straight, Gov. Charlie Baker said Tuesday, but as other states are opening up economic activity, officials here still... Read more
Gov. Charlie Baker took a step toward preparing the public for what he said life might look like in Massachusetts when this period of staying at home to avoid infection ends, ordering all citizens to wear masks or facial coverings in public if they can't... Read more
Last weekend, a concerned resident contacted the Animal Rescue League of Boston's (ARL) Field Services Department after finding a kitten with a plastic bag tied around his head in a residential neighborhood in Dorchester. The male kitten, who was... Read more
Lt. Donald Callahan, a 37-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, was celebrated with a surprise 50 car drive-by parade Thursday evening in recognition of his retirement day. At around 5:30 p.m., a procession of police cruisers and civilian vehicles... Read more
Around 5,000 people, both COVID-19 patients and people they've interacted with, have been contacted through a community tracing program that Gov. Charlie Baker said will be "a key element toward not only stopping the spread" of the contagious disease but... Read more
Massachusetts public health officials reported 1,940 new cases of COVID-19 and announced the deaths of 157 more residents from the viral infection on Thursday. Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported Feb. 1, 62,205 Massachusetts residents have... Read more
A federal judge today rejected a request from an alleged leader of the Mattapan branch of the Latin Kings gang for pre-trial release because of Covid-19 concerns, saying there is no way she could release him without creating a potential danger to society... Read more
As policymakers it is our responsibility to respond to the public health challenges before us with urgency while planning the long term recovery of our city, state and nation. Community health centers have been key to delivering an equitable public... Read more
Nearly 900,000 Massachusetts workers, representing almost a quarter of the state's entire labor force, have filed new claims for unemployment benefits since mid-March as the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread shutdowns it prompted continue to exert an... Read more
A local bartender is among the final four contestants in a nationwide “cocktail challenge” fundraiser started in support of currently laid-off restaurant workers. Ryan McHugh, a Codman Square resident who tended bar at Grill 23 & Bar in the Back Bay... Read more
The Boston Public Health Commission’s ‘Health of Boston 2016-2017’ report shows that black and brown communities in Boston are more likely to suffer higher rates of chronic illness such as asthma, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. The prevalence... Read more
Solmon Chowdhury, owner of Shanti Indian Cuisine, 1111 Dorchester Ave., says the restaurant is re-opening for takeout and delivery on May 1. Chowdhury was forced to close the restaurant a month ago, when his supplies of spices and other ingredients in the... Read more


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