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RCN, one of the broadband providers serving Dorchester, said Thursday it would be giving an automatic credit to customers who suffered from power outages during Tropical Storm Irene. The credit, which will be based on the number of days customers saw a... Read more
The man suing District 3 candidate John O’Toole is asking former co-workers to write letters to this newspaper accusing O’Toole of mischaracterizing his tenure at the Dorchester-based Optimum Mortgage Corporation, according to an e-mail sent out by Paul... Read more
Sixth-grade Students at Dorchester’s Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School are going to use more than a textbook during this year’s science classes. The Columbia Road school recently announced a new partnership with Science from Scientists, a Boston-... Read more
Judy Meredith and Lew FinferThe fight to protect vital social service programs in Dorchester has never been an easy one, even during more stable financial times. But now as budgets shrink across the state, longtime community activists Judy Meredith and... Read more
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will pump $20.5 million in federal housing funds to redevelop Dorchester’s Quincy Street area in a bid to revitalize the sector, aid the 8,900 families living in the area, and spur an economic... Read more
District 3 council hopefuls: The candidates before a June forum: Marydith Tuitt, John O'Toole, Craig Galvin, Doug Bennett, Marty Hogan, Frank Baker, and Stephanie Everett. The preliminary election is just 8 days away and there are signs aplenty that the... Read more
In December, 2009, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office received nearly $1.5 million in settlements funds from drug companies Merck Vioxx, Eli Lilly, and Pfizer. Now, almost two years later, the benefits from those funds are showing in Dorchester’s... Read more
It may be hard to imagine any parallel between Ireland and destitute, still earthquake-ravaged Haiti, and yet there are any number: analogous gripping histories of famine, long stretches of political and economic repression, and the bad geographical luck... Read more
Who will you vote for in District 3?
Dr. Carol JohnsonWhile many questions still surround the proposed relocation of Dorchester’s Boston Latin Academy, school officials insist that students will be left behind. Boston Public School superintendent Carol Johnson said that if the BLA facility... Read more
Chad Ochocinco and Serge Pierre at Unique CutsChad Ochocinco, the New England Patriots' newest big-name wide receiver, has been spending mucho time hanging out in Dorchester's Lower Mills business district of late. Number 85 hit Twitter two weeks ago to... Read more
Workers remove huge ledge from Washington St.The rehabilitation of a pipe under the streets of Lower Mills is weeks behind schedule as construction crews have hit underground boulders, including a piece of ledge the size of a car that was taken out of the... Read more
Milagros “Milly” Arbaje-ThomasLast May’s departure of longtime Mattapan ABCD Family Service Center director Lillie Searcy came amid an electric streak of civic engagement running through the community. Fortunately for the neighborhood, Searcy’s successor... Read more
Ignoring looming storm clouds, Codman Square residents and city officials came out to Wainwright Park on Saturday to celebrate the opening of Dorchester’s most environmentally sustainable home. Located at 81 Brent Street, the new three-unit home was... Read more
Craig Galvin endorsed by DotOUT: The candidate speaks during Monday's meeting at The Ledge in Lower Mills. Photo by Mike DeehanDistrict 3 City Council candidate Craig Galvin has netted the high-profile endorsement of DotOUT, an influential Dorchester-... Read more
Last Friday, just under 800 veterans gathered in the parking lot of the local IBEW 103 on Freeport Street to receive free services offered by the Volunteers of America and Department of Veterans Services. Services provided include medical services, dental... Read more
Next Monday, September 5 at 7 p.m., the Pearl Street Studios in Savin Hill will host a free evening of fiction and poetry readings by Dorchester and UMass authors as the second installment of the “Write on the DOT” series. Readers will include... Read more
Students who attend the Neponset campus of Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy will start their academic year a few days late— on Monday, Sept. 12— and many will spend the next four months in temporary classrooms in Milton due to delays in a construction... Read more
Mattapan Crossing and Canopy Walk: A graphic from a DCR presentation shown during a meeting on Aug. 30 depicts a proposed bridge at Mattapan station. Residents from Dorchester, Mattapan, and Milton sounded notes of support Tuesday night for the state... Read more
Mt. Ida SRoad three-decker. Photo by BFD. The Boston Fire Department is investigating the cause of a large fire in a Mt. Ida Road three decker this afternoon that send a firefighter to the hospital for smoke inhalation. The department responded to a call... Read more


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