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HazMat crew on Semont Rd.: Boston Firefighters spent the morning investigating an "irritant" found in the air inside 14 Semont Rd. Photo by Ed Forry (Updated— Friday, July 8, 1:30 p.m.) — Hazardous material teams from the Boston fire and police... Read more
Shooting outside Lilla Frederick School: Investigators on the scene at Columbia Rd. and Wyola Place. Photo by Bill Forry Columbia Rd. was blocked off on both sides of the street for two blocks on Thursday afternoon as police investigated a shooting that... Read more
Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Daniel Linskey: Testified during Wednesday's City Council hearing. Photo by Callum BorchersThe Menino Administration explained Wednesday the discretion implied in a proposed city ordinance that would bill negligent... Read more
Closing a $1.9 billion budget gap and increasing funding for a popular anti-youth violence program, state lawmakers sent a $30.6 billion fiscal year 2012 budget to Gov. Deval Patrick’s desk last week. Dorchester’s state Senate and House delegations voted... Read more
The three-family house at 102 Blue Hill Ave. features bay windows, a small porch and is, in the estimation of the Assessor’s Office, in good exterior and interior condition. But despite its comely appearance, the Roxbury three-decker is one of the city’s... Read more
“Irish Mob.” Since the capture of James “Whitey” Bulger on June 22, the phrase has fueled purple print accounts, reports from hyperventilating television reporters and anchors, talk radio, and online sites with all the subtlety of a throbbing tooth. I’ll... Read more
Butler Street apartment fire: The scene outside 68 Butler Street this morning. Photo by Ryan Whitcomb (Updated, 9:30 a.m.) — Boston firefighters pulled an unconscious 68 year-old woman from a burning fourth-floor apartment in Lower Mills early this... Read more
Another in a series on members of the U.S. armed services who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Marine Lance Corporal Brian Johnson of Adams Village recently completed a seven-month tour in Afghanistan and is now stationed in Cherry Point, NC,... Read more
City Councillor At-Large John Connolly hauled in over $40,000 in the month of June, outpacing his colleagues and rivals, a review of campaign finance records shows. The total came to $40,560, according to filings with the Office of Campaign and Political... Read more
Yancey with bullhorn
At a rally against violence at Franklin Field last week, Yancey lashed out at the mayor’s latest budget: “This city is heading in the wrong direction.” Photo by Michael Caprio Standing in the doorway of his office shortly after the recent annual budget... Read more
The blue flag flying from the lifeguard station at Savin Hill beach last Thursday indicated that the water was safe for swimming. But Dorchester’s three beaches— Tenean, Malibu and Savin Hill— have yet to draw the summer crowds that are now regularly seen... Read more
Deadly shooting on Columbia Road: Two people were shot to death in the car shown at left. Photo by Marcus DiPaola The Boston Police Department is investigating at least twelve shootings over the holiday weekend in Dorchester and Mattapan, including a... Read more
A man who worked for a freight shipper pleaded guilty this week for his role in illegally selling prescription drugs over the Internet through a network the government says included a Bowdoin Street drugstore. Steven Immergluck, of Aurora, Ill., made his... Read more
Shabazz Augustine: Prosecutors say his former Sydney Street residence was murder scene in '04.(Updated June 30, 5:10 p.m.) — A Dorchester man accused of suffocating a 26 year-old Malden woman to death in his Savin Hill apartment during a envy-driven... Read more
Andrew Higgins, 44, could get up to 20 years behind bars when sentenced in US District Court in October for robbing the Hyde Park Savings Bank branch on Centre Street last Nov. 13. Higgins pleaded guilty Wednesday, the FBI reports. According to FBI and... Read more
Daschel Koh and Ahzar Barnhill finished K-1 on Tuesday at the Clap Elementary school, which is re-opening as an “innovation school” in the fall. One hundred and fifteen years after it was built, the Roger Clap Elementary School closed its doors this week... Read more
Freeport Tavern general manager Andrew Wilbur tests the torches on the restaurant’s new patio area, which opened last night. Photo by Michael Caprio The Freeport Tavern’s new fire-pit patio held its inaugural seating last night. With live music and, now,... Read more
The shooting of a four-year-old boy playing at Harambee Park in Dorchester’s Franklin Field neighborhood has community members and city officials calling for action, starting with a crackdown on disorderly conduct in city parks. More than 50 residents... Read more
The residences shown below, all located in police districts C-11, B-2 or B-3, are among the most well known addresses in the city for Boston Police. In a single year these homes have been the subject of anywhere from seven to 25 emergency calls each, for... Read more
Sgt. Brendan Deeney has already served two tours in Afghanistan. Editor’s Note: Dorchester is home to scores of young men and women who have left behind friends and family members to serve the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. To highlight their... Read more


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