The Martin Richard Foundation is organizing a community clean-up, a memorial ceremony in Peabody Square and a three-mile run to commemorate the third anniversary of the attack on the Boston Marathon that killed 8 year-old Martin in 2013. The commemorative... Read more
Having famously and rather churlishly declared April to be “the cruellest month,” we can safely assume that T.S. Eliot was no fan of the sports we revel in, although he may have found the social niceties of a cricket match amusing while hanging out with... Read more
The thunder of 44 fists on canvas competes with the bass-heavy hip hop in Billy Traft’s gym. “I’m noddin’ on beat. I’m mobbin’ on streets, The Method.” Raps shake the floor while I sit in the bathroom, watching white dots in my eyes creep up the tiles,... Read more
Katie NolanKatie Nolan, a senior at Fontbonne Academy and tri-captain of the Ducks Ice Hockey team, scored her 100th point at Shea Rink on Sunday, Jan. 17 while beating Braintree 6-0. Nolan, a resident of Dorchester who lives in Neponset, has been... Read more
Jimmy Hayes of Dorchester scored the first hat trick of his NHL career last night, capping off a riotous game and nailing down a team and personal victory. Going into their final game before the Winter Classic, the Bruins were following a three-game... Read more
Dorchester’s Donnie Palmer is getting back to his winning ways in the boxing ring. The 6-foot-10 Codman Square native won a six-round decision against the smaller, but still dangerous, Tommy Washington on Dec. 18. The fight, which was streamed to boxing... Read more
The list is long and filled with illustrious names of those for whom the bell tolled in 2015 after making their fame or devoting their lives to the culture of sport. Along the way they enriched our times: It was a splendid irony that claimed both Frank... Read more
Heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko, left, is shown with Dorchester’s Donnie Palmer this week at the champ’s training camp in the Austrian Alps. Photo courtesy Donnie Palmer Donnie Palmer is 0-1 in his political career. His prospects of ever... Read more
Have some notes in passing on a handful of things while breathlessly awaiting more cleats to drop with the latest turn of the screw in dreary “Deflategate,” now precariously pending: And might there be any way the road can be paved to the Supreme Court on... Read more
Ask any couple that has gone from summer fling to serious courtship to the altar. All the stars have to align for it to happen and for it to last. From the beginning, this pairing of Boston and the Olympics was a star-crossed match. The bid was always a... Read more


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