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In District 3, the endorsement war rages on. The two candidates, Frank Baker and John O’Toole, continue to proclaim backing from this union and that union, all the while eyeing the electoral clock that shows less than two weeks left until the vote. The... Read more
District 3 candidate Frank Baker on Friday touted a platform that included a proposal to expand an electronic alert system about daily crime activity in the neighborhood. Neighbors in Savin Hill and some parts of the St. Mark’s neighborhood voluntarily... Read more
Congressman Stephen Lynch is sitting out the District 3 race, declining to endorse either of the contenders facing off for the seat. Savin Hill’s Frank Baker and Cedar Grove’s John O’Toole both worked on Lynch’s Congressional campaign in 2001. “So I told... Read more
The head of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts said last night he is backing John O’Toole in the race to succeed City Councillor Maureen Feeney. “If you got a problem, he is someone you can go to. He can get it fixed,” Darnell Williams said at a “... Read more
Three sitting city councillors have come out in support of District 3 candidate John O’Toole. Joining with their outgoing colleague Maureen Feeney in support of O’Toole: Rob Consalvo (District 5), Mark Ciommo (District 9) and Sal LaMattina (District 1... Read more
A Suffolk Superior Court judge last week allowed for the lawsuit against District 3 candidate John O’Toole to move forward. While the judge, Mitchell Kaplan, rejected O’Toole’s request for the case to be dismissed, he also called the case weak. The suit... Read more
District 3 candidate Frank Baker hauled in over $10,000 in the first fifteen days of October, according campaign finance records. His rival, John O’Toole, pulled in $3,901. The O’Toole camp said since Oct. 17 they've grabbed an additional $8,850, which... Read more
Back in the early 1990s, a young Frank Baker lost three friends in the span of a year and a half. One friend was beaten to death in the street in an alcohol-related incident. Six months later, another friend committed suicide, which was also alcohol-... Read more
At 10 p.m. on a crisp Thursday night, John O’Toole was driving through Adams Corner in his old Cadillac after finishing up at a college fair with his son Jack. They cruised past the newly set-up outpost of Frank Baker’s campaign, its windows still... Read more
As the days click down to the Nov. 8 final election to choose the next city councillor from Dorchester's District 3, Reporter news editor Gin Dumcius sat down for a more personal conversation with the two finalists from the Sept. 27 preliminary: Frank... Read more


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