Pro-Campbell super PAC's third ad
9/3 UPDATE: The super PAC swapped in an ad that touts the Boston Globe's editorial board endorsing Campbell. The ad is available here. The super PAC supporting Andrea Campbell’s mayoral campaign unveiled its third ad, which is hitting broadcast TV and... Read more
Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins on Tuesday endorsed Michelle Wu for mayor, citing her “tireless advocacy” for addiction recovery treatment and mental health services. “I have known Michelle for nearly a decade, and over that span, I have seen... Read more
Screenshot from Better Boston super PAC
A super PAC supporting Andrea Campbell’s mayoral campaign believes 68 percent of likely voters remain “up for grabs” ahead of the Sept. 14 preliminary, according to an internal memo written by a 2013 candidate for mayor. The super PAC has another TV ad in... Read more
The Boston police patrolmen’s union last week declined to back a candidate for mayor while opting to back five candidates in the race for the at-large slots on the City Council. “None of the candidates for mayor have requested our endorsement to date,”... Read more
Charles Yancey, who served on the City Council for 32 years, lost his District 4 seat in 2015 to a young attorney named Andrea Campbell. Yancey is now stepping back into the political ring as Campbell runs for mayor. On Thursday, he announced his support... Read more
Boston Turnout Project TV ad for Michelle Wu
A super PAC supporting Michelle Wu sprang to life this week, with a television ad that mentions her work for the late Mayor Thomas Menino and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of her mayoral campaign. The ad touts her as the first woman of color elected... Read more
Kim Janey's first TV ad
Acting Mayor Kim Janey’s first television ad hits the airwaves Tuesday, a 30-second spot that the campaign plans to air through Sept. 14, the day of the preliminary election. The campaign is spending $164,000 on airtime this week. Her campaign’s ad is... Read more
City Councillor Annissa Essaibi George this week accused Acting Mayor Kim Janey of “weaponizing” the position as the Sept. 14 preliminary election for the top job in City Hall gets closer. Essaibi George lit into Janey on Thursday, saying she agreed with... Read more
A screenshot from Michelle Wu's TV ad
City Councillor At-Large Michelle Wu’s mayoral campaign on Thursday unveiled a TV ad that they plan to run in English and Spanish up to the Sept. 14 preliminary. The campaign has spent more than $300,000 on airing the ad, with it set to appear on cable,... Read more
After outcry from members of the Boston City Council and several candidates for mayor, elections officials added five locations to a list of early voting sites for the Sept. 14 preliminary election and the Nov. 2 final election. The original list of sites... Read more


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