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Morrissey Blvd. Crosswalk : A busy passageway to Columbia Point could be safer, says one reader. Photo by Bill Forry To the Editor: The following letter was sent to the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation and dated July 7, 2012: I’m writing... Read more
U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren will be making her first appearance in the annual Dorchester Day Parade on Sunday, where she'll be joined by her chief rival Scott Brown. Warren will be marching in the third division, while Brown will be in the... Read more
A former Dorchester resident pleaded guilty Wednesday in the May 2011 shooting death of 19-year-old Derek Matulina at the Savin Hill Red Line station. Nhu Nguyen, 20, was sentenced to two and a half years in jail in a plea deal. He'll be on probation for... Read more
Nhu Nguyen, 20, pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing Derek Matulina during a fight at the Savin Hill Red Line stop on May 11, 2011. Under an agreement between his attorney and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Nguyen was sentenced to 2 1/2... Read more
A treacherous stretch of Savin Hill Avenue is getting renewed scrutiny from city officials after complaints from neighbors who say that speeding, reckless drivers, and the narrow nature of the street itself pose a serious safety risk. City Councillor... Read more
The Boston Police Department reports three teens didn't get far with the 10 to 15 laptops they allegedly stole from a Dorchester Avenue computer-repair shop Monday morning. Police say the three entered Comp-Net Solutions, 1120 Dorchester Ave., around 11:... Read more
Yacht club fire.
A pier fire at the Dorchester Yacht Club off the Southeast Expressway erupted late Wednesday afternoon and went to two alarms because of the difficulty of fighting it, the Boston Fire Department reports. Divers went into the water to try to fight the fire... Read more


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