A Tough Guy with 'Heart of Gold' : Bobby 'Quinn' Clougherty Fought Rocky Marciano

Robert Clougherty, best known for going blow-for-blow with the legendary Rocky Marciano in the 1950s, died on September 28. Fighting under the name Bobby Quinn, Clougherty was a top-notch boxer who hung his hat in Fields Corner for most of his life.

The longtime Park Street resident and lifelong Dorchester resident attended Saint Mark's School and Dorchester High School.

Those in the boxing circles would probably not recall any fighter named Bobby Clougherty. Clougherty's close friend Mickey Dwyer, owner and proprietor of Mickey's Place in Fields Corner explains, "He got to be known as a good fighter, through street fights and stuff like that. He wanted to become a professional fighter to make a few bucks at it. But he was only sixteen and you had to be seventeen, so he changed his name to Bobby Quinn."

And to this day, that is how many still refer to Bobby.

According to Mickey, Bobby got his start by training at the now defunct New Garden Gym on Friend Street, near the Fleet Center.

"He was a top notch fighter," Dwyer continues. "He fought at local spots, like the Boston Garden, Boston Arena, and the Mechanics Building and he also fought at Madison Square Garden in New York City."