Candidate Crowley Ready to March

David Crowley won't mind if it rains. No matter the weather on June 5, David will step out on the Avenue, smiling from ear to ear. The next Mayor of Dorchester is simply excited to march, and wave, and, for that day, have all eyes on him.

Last week, David emerged as this year's only candidate for Mayor of Dorchester, the honorary title that nets the winner a place at the front of the parade, and the chance to appear as Mayor of Dorchester at a number of events throughout the year.

"He definitely deserves it, he's a great asset to the community," says Ed Geary Jr., president of the Dorchester Day Parade Committee.

David, who was born with Down syndrome, considered a run for mayor in recent years, but decided that this year, the year of his 30th birthday, is the right time.

"We'll party all year," says David.

Though his candidacy has been official for a little more than a week, David already has the support of a number of friends, neighbors and politicians in the community.

City Councillor Maureen Feeney has known David for more than a decade and has pledged her support for his campaign.

"David has been very important to me, as a great supporter and a good friend," says Feeney. "I'm really excited for him that he has this opportunity."

David is a lifelong resident of Dorchester and a graduate of Charlestown High School. He resides on Treadwell Street in Savin Hill, with his mother, Anne, and sister Janet and her family.

In his free time, David enjoys watching horror movies, and is a car enthusiast, pouring over automobile magazines and keeping up his collection of matchbox cars. David also enjoys playing sports and is a frequent participant in Special Olympics events in the area. He competes in track and field events and also bowling and has one a number of medals, all gold and silver he says.

David's campaign manager, Tom Gannon, hopes his campaign can draw upon David's involvement in the special needs community and have two positive effects.

One, raising money to help make Dorchester's big day possible, and two helping to raise awareness for Dorchester's special needs community.

"It has more than one good thing going for it," says Gannon.

David has previously marched in the Dorchester Day Parade with his friends in the Special Olympics and hopes that this year they can join him towards the front of the procession.

"David wants to include his friends," says Gannon. "And we hope to include the organizations that help David and his friends."

In previous years, the run-up to the big day has usually featured a fierce competition for the title of Mayor of Dorchester. With David running unopposed this year, Gannon has gotten creative in planning David's campaign. He has a three-pronged plan for helping David generate support and funds. Rather than hold a series of events over the next two months, Gannon is planning one major event for David.

"We're going to have one night and have a whole lot of fun," says Gannon.

Scheduled for May 24 at the Blarney Stone, the event will feature a Red Sox theme. The Red Sox play on the road that night, and the game will be broadcast on the Blarney's big screen. Circulating through the party, Gannon says, will be vendors with hot dogs and hamburgers. The evening will also feature a live and silent auction. Items slated for auction include sports-related items like an authentic World Series baseball, a Super Bowl football, and a package to see the Yanks and the Sox in the Bronx in September.

Leading up to the final party, Gannon plans to sell raffle tickets, with the winners of the grand prize announced at the Blarney Stone. Along the way, Gannon plans to have weekly winners, which will be announced each week in the Dorchester Reporter starting March 24.

The third component of David's campaign is a series of house parties. Gannon says he already has several volunteers interested in hosting the parties, including some from the suburbs.

Those interested in volunteering or who would like to help out are encouraged to contact Tom Gannon at 617-436-1287.



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