Carney delivers first baby in six years

The best laid plans of expecting mothers and fathers often go awry.

Joe and Kathleen Baker planned to have their fourth child by C-section, scheduled for Monday, May 22, at South Shore Hospital. But the baby must not have gotten that memo, because early Sunday morning, Kathleen went into labor. Complicating matters further, the baby insisted on entering the world immediately, so soon that his parents had to make an emergency stop at Carney hospital, where Emmett Joseph Baker became the first baby born there since 2000.

As Joe Baker tells it, his wife awoke before 4 a.m. Sunday morning and knew something was up. They left their home in Savin Hill and headed for South Shore Hospital. Joe joked with his wife, as they were leaving the house, but then things got intense. As he turned the car from Columbia Road onto the expressway, it was clear that the baby was readying to make its entrance, and soon.

"By the time we got a block away [from home] she was fully in labor," said Joe. "By the time we got on the highway at Columbia the baby was crowned."

Joe decided that they weren't going to make it to South Shore, and figured that Carney Hospital would be the closest. He called the State Police and told them his plans, and headed to Carney. When he arrived, he said, the doctors and nurses were surprised to see them, but quickly jumped into action.

"It seemed like two minutes after we got there, the baby was born," said Baker.

Emmett Joseph Baker was born just before 4:30 a.m., weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz.

Kathleen and Emmett are both doing just fine, said Joe. Emmett joins big sisters Nancy, 13, and Rose, 8, and will share a room with Sean, also 8. They're all grateful to the staff at Carney, who handled everything beautifully. Joe, who with Kathleen owns and operates the Sugar Bowl in Savin Hill, said the night staff at the Carney would be getting another surprise soon, this time in the form of ice cream sundaes.

Though Emmett is their fourth child, Joe said he feels like a first-time father all over again.

"This was just like starting all over again, and it's just been an amazing experience, it was totally different, totally new," said Joe.

Emmett is the first baby born at the Carney since 2000, when the hospital recorded three births, said hospital spokesperson Diane Lupo.