Bubbles' Birthdays And Special Occasions

The first popular children's TV show, "Howdy Doody," debuted on Dec. 27, 60 years ago. Radio City Music Hall will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its opening on Dec. 27. The first issue of Poor Richard's Almanack, by Richard Saunders (Ben Franklin), was published on Dec. 28, 275 years ago. December 29 is the feast day of St. Thomas, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The massacre at Wounded Knee happened on Dec. 29, 1890. The YMCA was organized on Dec. 29, 1851. The USS Monitor sank during a storm on Dec. 30, 1862.

This will be the 32nd First Night Celebration in Boston. Ellis Island opened on Jan. 1, 1892. The Euro was introduced on Jan. 1, 1999. This will be the 107th Mummers' parade on New Year's Day in Philadelphia. Sen. John Kennedy published his book Profiles in Courage on Jan. 1, 1956. (It won the Pulitzer Prize.) This will be the 94th Rose Bowl Parade. Paul Revere was born in Boston on Jan. 1, 1735. Pres. Nixon signed the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit on Jan. 2, 1974.

Celebrities having birthdays are: hockey great Ray Bourque, 47 on Dec. 28; Denzel Washington, 53 on Dec. 28; Ted Danson, 60 on Dec. 29; Matt Lauer, 50 on the 30th; Russ Tamblyn, 72 on the 30th; "Tiger" Woods, 32 on Dec. 30; Sir Anthony Hopkins, 70 on the 31st; Donna Summer (born in Boston), 59 on Dec. 31; and Frank Langella, 68 on Jan. 1.

Those celebrating their birthdays are Caroline White, Beatrice Smith, Katherine Sargent, Nicholas Keefe, Mayor Tom Menino, Julie Rorie, Jazmin Sauls, Jillian Johnson, Bryan Timilty, Joseph Jepsen, Sarah Johnson, Jennifer Walsh, Mark Hastings, John Gaffey, and Jim Doty.

Also observing their birthdays are Helena Zubrin, Donata Colletti, Shane Doyle, Jeanne Albanese, Mary Tacelli, Coleman Clifford, Mary Healey, Julianna Horgan, Mary Madden, Tyler Clarke, Pauline Nee, and Ben Silva. Special birthday greetings are sent to Carol Carver and former District Attorney Ralph Martin.

Those celebrating their anniversaries are Mike and Dot Pembroke (their 52nd), Michael and Ellen O'Neil, and Shawn and Jody (Doherty) Bulman (their 2nd). Special good wishes are sent to John and Caroline Innello, who will be married 60 years on Dec. 29.