Historic firehouse re-listed

A historic firehouse in Four Corners, which has been a focus of the surrounding neighborhood after a daycare there went out of business and the building became vacant, is again listed for sale, this time by a broker in the South End.

“So far I’ve gotten a few calls from people, it’s only been up a few days,” said broker William Dellea of Coldwell Banker on Tremont Street. “I’ve got a group of non-profits looking at it today. I’ve had a few church groups and I had one person interested in using it as a residence.”

Dellea said although the foreclosure deed has not been recorded with the Suffolk Registry of Deeds, the property was foreclosed upon by PMB Mortgage Co. in Calabasas, Calif.

“There’s no requirement to record it,” he said. “This owner hasn’t chosen to record it yet.”

He also said the building was structurally sound, but in need of some roofing work on an L-shaped extension on the main building. The asking price is $375,000, well below its assessed value of over $600,000.

Neighborhood groups in the area, including the Greater Chamberlain Neighborhood Association, the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition, and Four Corners Main Streets, are trying to find an active use for the building—something that would bring daily traffic to the area, as opposed to a church that might only be active on the weekend.