Man arrested for January murder of 16 year-old

A 20 year-old from Dorchester has been arrested for the broad-daylight murder of a 16 year-old last January, Boston Police announced this afternoon. In a statement, the BPD says that Marques Kersey has been identified as the "person responsible" for the shooting of 16 year-old Torey Evans on January 16, 2009. Kersey is currently being held at the Dedham House of Correction on an un-related charge. Evans was shot to death outside of 2092 Dorchester Ave. at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Just three days after Evans's murder, Kersey and three other people were arrested in Quincy on charges they were driving around that city with a sub-machine gun, a handgun with a silencer, brass knuckles and OxyContin pills, the Quincy Patriot-Ledger reported at the time.

On Nov. 1, 2008, Kersey was charged with armed assault with intent to rob in an incident that ended with a SWAT unit being called to the South Boston apartment in which he and five others were allegedly holed up, according to a Boston police report.



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