Neighbors put new shine on Savin Hill Park

Savin Hill Shines: More than 80 people helped clean Savin Hill Park on Saturday, April 25, 2009.Savin Hill Shines: More than 80 people helped clean Savin Hill Park on Saturday, April 25, 2009.Over 80 people showed up to work at the 25th annual Savin Hill Park Clean Up (now part of Boston SHINES), on a beautiful, sunny April 25. Over 300 bags of leaves and about a half ton of glass were removed from the park, while youngsters from the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester and Cub Scouts from Pack 28 (Rice Post) carried out piles of debris.

Bill Walczak, the longtime organizer of the clean-up, writes: "We also had the assistance of a group of hard working alumni from Holy Cross. Residents focused this year on removal of patches of bramble bush, which has taken over many sections of the park. Savin Hill Park, 100 years old this year, is one of the most beautiful parks in Boston. Residents will be creating a Friends group to raise money to remove graffiti and continue to restore this gem of a park."

Among the many people who helped (and signed the sign in sheet) this year were: Don & Holly Walsh, Rachel Garside, Gerald Autler, Elizabeth Walczak, Laura Evans Durant, Hotze Wijnja, John Moran, Mike & Sean Simmons, Phuc and Ashley Vinh, Karen & Neil Janulewicz, Isaac, Eban & Hannah Butler, Susan Wadlington & David Butler, Tom Hauenstein, Ryan McCarthy, Ron Lescinskas & Family, Giulia Fenton, Buddy O’Hara, Kay Green, Dave Horstell, Meghan Lescinskas, Bob Metcalfe, Marta Carney-Smith, Alex Smith, Colleen McDonough, Jaclyne Manzi, Alisha R. Taylor, Heather Yanusas, Christina Aguiar, Kevin Polansky, Linda Walczak, Emily Mulligan, Erin Smith, Pam Dynan, Dayo Hall, Sophie Granberry, Sydney Kyne, Emily Lichtenstein, Beth Minahan, Pat Nee, Scott Mackinnon, David Barry, Brendan Woods, Mike Joyce, Leah Follett, Allison Gaylord, Ciara Murphy, Aisling Kerr, Hannah Butler, Jackie Wyse, Noreen Walsh, Marianna Lafferty, Breige Kerr, Niamh Kerr, John & Henry Anderson, Justin Cote, Carlos Monteiro, Karine Querido, Emmett Folgert, Betsy Drinan, Chris Montani, Matt Gordy, Ego Ezedi, Maureen Feeney, Steve Weymouth and Bill Walczak.

Special thanks to Councilor Maureen Feeney who always participates in the clean up and provides the coffee and munchkins, and Lauren Smyth of the Mayor’s office for coordinating many aspects of the day.

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