Police: AJ Wright worker caught selling heroin in the store

An employee of AJ Wright, 500 Geneva Ave., faces numerous charges after her arrest yesterday for allegedly selling a customer some heroin in a store fitting room.

Boston Police say AJ Wright cooperated with an investigation by the drug unit, in which officers put Kathleen Day under surveillance. According to police, "Officers observed a white male enter the store and walk immediately to the fitting room where the suspected employee was working. The white male appeared to hand money to the suspected employee and then she showed him to a fitting room. The white male then exited the fitting room and left the store with his right hand in his pants pocket. Officers stopped the white male after he exited the store and three plastic bags of beige powder believed to be heroin were recovered from his right pants pocket.

Police say officers then arrested Day and found six more packets of beige powder.

Police say Day will now face charges of distribution of Class A drugs, distribution of Class A drugs in a school zone, possession of Class A drugs with intent to distribut and possession of Class A drugs with intent to distribute in a school zone, police say, adding her alleged customer will also be charged, with possession of heroin.