Police: Woman who got tired of gridlock sends two cops to the hospital

Boston Police report a Dorchester woman was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly kicked one officer and dragged two more with her car in an attempt to bust out of a traffic jam and escape police.

Shaw: Booking photo (Via Suffolk County DA)Shaw: Booking photo (Via Suffolk County DA)Queen Ginel Shaw was arrested and charged with three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a police officer, reckless driving to endanger, refusal to submit to a police officer, leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident and harsh and objectionable noise. She pleaded innocent at her arraignment in Dorchester District Court today and was release on $2,000 bail, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Police say the incident began around 11:10 a.m., when one officer working a paid detail at Freeport Street and Dorchester Avenue went to investigate somebod who kept blowing her car horn while stuck in gridlock. When he approached Shaw's Acura to explain why the traffic was blocked up and to tell her to stop leaning on her car, police say, she cursed him and yelled that she had to pick her kids up. She then turned her radio way up and tried to drive up Freeport toward Dorchester Ave. making it about 30 more feet before another officer approached and asked for her license and registration, police say. When she said she didn't have a license and refused to identify herself, the officer asked her to step out of the car. She refused, the two cops began to try to get her out of the car, she started cursing them and a third officer. According to a police spokeswoman:

"At that time, suspect put her car back into drive and slammed on the gass, accelerating at a high rate of speed, knocking down several construction cones, entering the construction site and drove erratically at high rate of speed toward Dorchester Av., where she failed to yield and kept speeding up Dorchester Av. towards Savin Hill Av. When suspect pulled away from officers, both ... were dragged for several feed before being spinned to the ground."

Police say they traced the license plate to a Sayward Street residence, where they arrested Shaw.

Police say the two officers injured when she pulled away were taken to Caritas Carney Hospital, one for a wrist injury, one for wrist, back and shoulder pain and injuries to both knees.