Three charged after botched home invasion

Boston Police report arresting three men following an attempted home invasion at 9 Carson St. Monday afternoon.

Police say a woman opening her apartment door was rushed by two men, one of whom stuck his foot in the door to keep her from closing it. Police say he kept asking for a specific individual as she struggled with him to shut the door, but that she was overpowered by a third man who rammed the door, knocking her to the ground.

Her husband, hearing the commotion, came out of a bedroom with a baseball bat, at which point one of the suspects pulled up a shirt to show off a gun. The husband retreated to the bedroom, from which he called police. Police say: "The suspects, upon hearing the victim calling the police, fled the apartment and were observed getting in a car that the victim was able to get the registration."

Police say responding officers shortly thereafter stopped a car with three men matching the victims' descriptions. Garth French, 28, of Dorchester, Jason Clarke, 27, of Dorchester and Jerry A. Green, 23, of Hyde Park were all arrested and charged with armed home invasion and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Police say a gun matching the description given by the victims was found and determined to be a replica.