Local educators honored as city’s finest

Thirteen Boston public school teachers, one of whom teaches in Mattapan and four in Dorchester, received the Boston Educator of the Year Award last Monday night.

The honorees, who were nominated by their colleagues for the award, were recognized for their superb teaching and presented with crystal apples at the ceremony.

Those honored who teach in Dorchester and Mattapan were Marilou Donnelly, from the Joseph Lee Elementary School in Dorchester; Teresa Medeiros, from Emily Fifield Elementary School in Dorchester; Sherdene Morrison, of Mildred Avenue School in Mattapan; Evelyn Prophete, of Thomas Kenny Elementary School in Dorchester; and Vickie Robinson, of Mather Elementary School in Dorchester.

Donnelly, who grew up on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester and teaches five  through eight year olds with autism, said that she felt honored that her colleagues at Joseph Lee Elementary nominated her for the award.

“I’ve had a wonderful experience teaching,” added Donnelly, who has taught for the past twenty-five years. “The Lee is big on community and family involvement--it’s like it’s own family. Many of the other teachers here came to the ceremony in support of me.

Melanie Allen, who lives in Dorchester and teaches at the Escuela Rafael Hernandez School in Roxbury, also received the Educator of the Year award.