Census numbers for city corrected: Boston gained people

UPDATED (12:37 p.m.)— Secretary of State William Galvin issued a statement this afternoon indicating that census figures released today that showed Boston losing more than 14,000 people over the last decade were "erroneous."

Galvin says the correct numbers will be made available at a 2 p.m. press conference.

"I very much regret the confusion this has caused," Galvin said in a statement.

At a press conference this morning, his office said that Boston's population dropped by 2.45 percent since 2000, according to just-released US Census data. In fact, the data shows that Boston's population increased by 4.83 percent— from 589,141 to 617,594.

The state’s overall population rose to 6,349,097, up from 6,547,629 in 2000, but Massachusetts will lose a Congressional seat next year because other states grew faster over the past decade.