C-11 police warn of commercial burglaries on Dot Ave.

Boston Police in Dorchester's C-11 district today issued a warning to merchants after a pair of overnight break-ins targeting stores in recent days.

"Recently, Area C-11 has seen two burglaries of businesses located on Dorchester Ave., in the area that runs from Centre St. to Welles Ave," said Police Officer Timothy Golden in an e-mail message. "The method of entry is the same as the trend we saw earlier this year, where the suspects cut security wires and attempt to remove the rear doors of businesses to gain entry.

"These actions are often difficult for police officers notice during routine patrol. Captain Sexton reminds business owners that good lighting around the entire building, strong secure door, alarms, and security cameras are often good deterrents and aid police in the capture of suspects involved in these types of activities," said Golden, who works in the C-11 community service office.

The C-11 C.S.O. can be reached via phone at 617-343-4524.



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