Cash for 'Stache: City Commissioners to shave iconic mustaches for Tommy Kelly

Joe Finn and "Buddy" Christopher, soon to be mustache-less

If you mustache how much it will take for two mustachioed Dorchester icons to go bare-lipped for a little boy fighting cancer, shave it for Thursday, Oct. 16.

At 2:30 at Florian Hall, Inspectional Services Commissioner William "Buddy" Christopher and Boston Fire Department Commissioner Joe Finn will shave their iconic mustaches to help fundraise for four-year-old Tommy Kelly. Kelly, the son of Boston Firefighter Ed Kelly was diagnosed with stage four cancer two months ago and has undergone treatment. Although his cancer is treatable, the Kelly family is in the throes of months of costly surgery and treatment.

Christopher and Finn are also presenting a $10,000 check to Fight like TK, the fund set up to help cover the cost of Tommy's medical expenses. Both commissioners previously pledged to shave their mustaches once they raised $10,000 and hope their shaves will help raise more money for Fight Like TK fund.

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