New temporary parking plan in place for Morrissey Star Market

A draft rendering shows a parking plan supplied by Criterion Development Partners.

As reported last week in The Reporter, parking is now at a premium at one of the neighborhood’s busiest shopping destinations. The Star Market on Morrissey Boulevard has seen a drastic reduction in parking spots this month as work begins on a neighboring apartment complex. The Hub 25 Apartments is scheduled to be built this year on a lot between the Star and the JFK-UMass MBTA station.

On Friday, the development company that is building the apartments issued a memo outlining a plan to “reduce the current congestion.” According to Criterion Development Partners, the plan includes an aggressive snow removal and traffic management system that will “will free up parking spaces” and “redirect outgoing traffic around the back of the building.”

Michael Vaughn, a consultant for the company, said that the plan came after inquiries from City Councillor Frank Baker, who had fielded multiple constituent calls about the parking woes at the store.

In order to free up additional parking spaces for customers, Star Market employees will park behind the store, said Vaughn, who said that 10 additional spaces would become available in 10 weeks when the existing construction fence is moved.

Once completed, the 278-unit Hub 25 complex will offer one and two-bedroom apartments for rent right next to the JFK-UMass Red Line and commuter rail hub. The construction project was supposed to be in the ground already, but winter weather has slowed the job’s progress.

The construction project was supposed to be in the ground already, but has been slowed to a virtual halt by neverending snowstorms.