Cedar Grove Cemetery seeks to re-zone Granite Ave. parcels

Officials from Cedar Grove Cemetery are seeking a zoning designation change for two parcels of land abutting Granite Avenue. The change from burial ground to a one-family lot and parking availability would pave the way for residential development on the site.

A master survey of the cemetery property earlier this year determined that two parcels of land were “not suitable for burials due to extensive ledge,” according to a Boston Redevelopment Authority memorandum from when the matter came before the BRA board in July.

The land is designated as a open space-cemetery subdistrict, which is “comprised of land appropriate for, and limited to, the purposes of interment.”

Charles R. Tevnan, the trustee of Cedar Grove Cemetery, filed a map amendment application to alter “Map 5E, Dorchester Neighborhood District,” by changing the existing zoning designation of approximately 28,016 square feet of land owned by Cedar Grove Cemetery from an open space-cemetery subdistrict to a one-family residential subdistrict.

One land parcel, consisting of about 3,950 square feet, would be retained by the cemetery and become parking for the abutting condominium building at 135 Granite Ave. The second parcel, about 24,066 total square feet, could be sold under the new zoning designation.

The funds from the sale could be used to purchase more land suitable for burials abutting the cemetery property.
The BRA board voted in July to recommend the map amendment change before the Zoning Commission. A hearing is planned before the commission on Sept. 7 at 9:15 a.m. in room 900 of Boston City Hall.


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