Madison Park leader is placed on leave

Mayor Martin Walsh and Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang addressed reporters at a press conference last Thursday, after an IRS audit found misallocated student activity funds and a failure to deduct Medicaid withholdings prompted the city to pay almost $1 million in back taxes and fines. The mayor announced an outside law firm will examine the BPS finances in greater detail. For the full story, visit the Reporter website at

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School’s executive director, Kevin McCaskill, was placed on paid leave Monday, leaving the Roxbury school to be run in his absence by assistant headmaster Brett Dickens. This move is the latest episode of leadership turmoil for the school, which has seen three former headmasters leave since 2013.

Superintendent Tommy Chang notified staff, parents, and students of the Madison Park community via a letter on Monday that McCaskill was under investigation. The reason for the investigation has not been specified and BPS officials did not clarify things on Wednesday morning.

“We will have student support systems in place tomorrow for any students who have questions or concerns,” Chang wrote in the letter. “Please know that the Madison Park community has the full support of the school district as we all work together to ensure the educational success for all of our students.”

McCaskill has served as executive director since 2015, overseeing vocational programs and partnerships with area businesses. The school’s headmaster, Shawn Shackelford, was placed on leave last year.