Owner of Codman Square store charged with selling counterfeit phones, clothing

Federal officials on Wednesday charged Arif Ali Shah, 66, who owns Nadia's at 563 Washington Street, with selling fake goods there for ten years.

In an "information," federal prosecutors say Shah sold counterfeit Samsung phones and used counterfeit Apple components to repair customer's iPhones.

He also allegedly sold a variety of clothing items marked as Louis Vuitton, Timberland, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Lacoste, Michaek Kors, Polo/Ralph Lauren, True Religion, Under Armour, Uggs, Nike and North Face, none of which, officials say, were actually made by those companies - any more than the supposed Ray Ban glasses he also sold.

He also allegedly sold fake Apple iPhone components out of two other stores he owns in East Boston and Chelsea. In a statement, the US Attorney's office in Boston said:

Shah also repaired genuine iPhones at his stores using counterfeit components. Shah purchased the counterfeit merchandise from sources both outside the United States and from a domestic supplier. Shah knew that the goods were counterfeit, but nonetheless sold and attempted to sell thousands of pieces of counterfeit merchandise.

The feds raided all three stores in March, 2015.

Under a plea deal filed yesterday, Shah would agree to plead guilty. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $2 million if convicted, according to the US Attorney's office.