Sen. Dorcena Forry: If a vacancy, she will ‘pursue that opportunity’

In a statement to the Reporter on Wednesday, state Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry, who represents the 1st Suffolk District, which includes Dorchester, South Boston, Mattapan, and parts of Hyde Park, said, “This is a difficult time for the Senate yet an even more difficult time for the men who had the courage to come forward and share their experiences. I’m saddened by this story. I have not talked to the Senate president, but we have to work through this as a body.”

She added, “If there is a vacancy for Senate president, I do intend to pursue that opportunity. However, right now, my focus is squarely on supporting acting President Chandler in all ways and my other colleagues.  We have vital work to conduct for our constituents and the people of the Commonwealth.”

After the Senate caucus on Monday Forry said that she did not believe that a Rosenberg return to the presidency at the conclusion of the investigation was a foregone conclusion. “We thought as a body that it was important to put in an interim Senate president and that is what we’re doing until the report is complete,” she said.

Editor’s note: Sen. Dorcena Forry is married to Bill Forry, the Reporter’s editor and publisher.