White 'supremacy' fliers stir concern on UMass campus

Students at the University of Massachusetts-Boston were asked Wednesday to be on alert after campus officials learned an apparent white supremacy group has been posting "intimidating" flyers on campus.

Under the subject line "Disturbing Behavior on Campus," Provost Winston Langley alerted students that the university learned Tuesday "a group, which has identified or associated itself with white supremacy, has been clandestinely posting intimidating flyers around campus."

Langley did not identify the group, which he said operates under the cover of darkness, but last month the white supremacy group Identity Evropa tweeted photos of its posters with the message, "Are you a student @UMassBoston and sick of the #antiwhite agenda? Join us."

The posters show classics-era European statues with phrases like, "Let's Become Great Again," "Protect Your Heritage," and "Serve Your People." The group's Twitter feed includes similar postings from UMass-Amherst, Holyoke Community College, Mount Holyoke College, and other campuses around the country.

"The University of Massachusetts Boston, consistent with its identity, is an open forum for ideas, theories, beliefs, orientations, experiences, and commitments," Langley wrote. "The university, however, rejects modes of exchange that circumvent its standards of openness and that surreptitiously seek to intimidate its students, faculty, staff, or visitors. In particular, the university rejects all forms of racism, ethnocentrism, and invidious discrimination."

Students who see or experience harassment, the university said, should call campus police and the Division of Student Affairs.


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