Cedar Grove, Savin Hill youth leagues merge to form Dorchester Baseball

Two longtime neighborhood youth baseball leagues have merged in the off-season to form a new, unified Dorchester league for kids and teenagers that will launch this spring.

Savin Hill Little League and Cedar Grove Baseball have agreed to join forces to create Dorchester Baseball.

“This is a major decision in the history of youth sports in Dorchester… and one that we have carefully considered while keeping the best interests of the kids always at the forefront," the leagues announced in a statement issued to parents today.

According to the letter, the merger comes after seven years of discussion and partnership between the two organizations. Last season, the talks intensified and the leagues joined forces to contribute players and coaches for a unified travel team.

“Although the teams competed under the SHLL Little League charter, we used the name “Dorchester” and incorporated colors and emblems from both leagues on our uniforms,” the statement continued. “The experience went very well, and as officials from both leagues continued to meet over the winter months, it became clear that having one unified league serving all the players in Dorchester would offer the best experience for the kids.”

The unified league will offer team play to kids as young as 4, with teens ages 13 and up chartered to play through the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth system. Younger kids 4-12 will play with a charter affiliation with Little League International.

The merger will improve the capacity to field age-appropriate teams and coaches and help manage issues such as fundraising and maintenance.
Another upside: new, intra-neighborhood connections.

The unified league will offer a “greater sense of unity within the Dorchester community as we focus on providing kids from all different backgrounds and neighborhoods the chance to meet and make new friendships,” the league announced. “Together we will have more fun!”

More details on registration for the Dorchester Baseball league will be available in the coming weeks.


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